Experience Dio and a Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

This post brought to you by dio. All opinions are 100% mine.

My latest discovery in social networking and creativity is a new totally free creative called dio.  Dio allows you to create your own space, your own storyline, or your own virtual world. Your virtual space can be shared with others, made public or kept private.  But half the fun of Dio is virtually walking through the worlds created by others.

Many folks use the interactive features.  You can travel to exotic places, visit virtual weddings, go on fantasy quests, laugh at some of the hilarious interactive worlds created by others.  Believe me, once you enter Dio, you will be addicted to the fun.

Confused yet?  Let me show you my virtual space.

dio suzys sitcom

This dio space takes you in different rooms, based on types of crafts.  Because, after all, I am a crafty kind of person.  I created my first dio space just to learn how dio works, but I have many more ideas for future spaces such as a day in the life of my dog Ralph, and maybe even a hand-drawn virtual world where dogs rule and the object of the game is to get from room to room and find the hidden box of dog treats.  Well, the ideas are endless! My username is Susan Poorman Myers, so be sure to follow me!

Going from room to room is as simple as clicking on the next room you would like to visit and then clicking “enter”.

Interactive elements can be placed into your rooms to create a game-like atmosphere where your readers can “walk” with you, or “take” something.  Very fun!

One of my favorite aspects of Dio is the fact that you can follow other folks, and see and experience some very creative rooms.  Just check out some of the great crafty rooms already available on Dio!  Want some humor?  There are some fabulous ones, like my current favorite, “Jamie Beanman’s Burrito Quest”.  Hilarious!!

So how would you like the chance to not only experience Dio, but maybe win a $100 Amazon Gift Card?

Contest Rules

To enter for a chance to win the Amazon Gift Card, all you have to do is:

• Visit Dio.com, create a place, and comment back that you have signed up!  *To win, you must be an active user
Optional: Tweet a message about your place and include @dioplaces in your tweet with a dedicated #discoverdio hashtag.

The nice folks at IZEA will handle winner selection and gift card distribution.

So, take a few moments and play around with Dio.  Bet you love it!

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