Unique Ukrainian Eggs are not just for Easter!

Ukrainian Eggs are a specialty of mine.  You can find my whole selection for sale in my Etsy Store, along with quite a few other unusual items.  My shop is a great place to go to find unique gifts that are guaranteed to make an impression!

ukrainian eggs

Creating Ukrainian eggs involves melting bees wax and applying it to the egg shells with a cone-like tool called a kitska.  You then dip it in a series of colored dyes.  If you are curious as to the process, check out my Ukrainian Egg tutorial.

ukrainian egg - sunny days

ukrainian egg- singing birdsukrainian egg- singing birds

Ukrainian Eggs make unique and beautiful gifts.  No two are ever alike, all my designs are original and each egg comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by me.  They can be displayed in egg stands, on hangers or in a little nest of a bowl like the two at the top of the page.

3D easter eggs

 Also in my shop are my “Eggcetteras”.  These cute little 3D Ornaments were created using real chicken eggs!  If you would like to try your hand at making them yourself, check out my 3D Panoramic Egg Tutorial.  Or go to my Etsy shop and pick out one of the already completed eggs available!

majestic peacock pattern ebookpartridge and pear pattern ebook

If you are interested in patterns, of course I have several eBooks available.

Majestic Peacock -Instructions and patterns for two unique projects. Includes an 8 1/2″ x 11″ pattern that can be enlarged to create either project. Faux Stained glass or quilted table runner. Fully illustrated instructions for both projects. Both projects use easily accessible supplies such as acrylic paint crayons and school glue. Learn new techniques such as crayon batik (peacock panel in the tablerunner), machine quilting, and freezer paper applique.

Partridge & Pear  This pattern includes two different color suggestions along with links to fully illustrated instructions to create your own Faux Stained Glass or Embossed aluminum wall art. Amazing pieces – Faux Stained glass uses an old thrift store frame and glass and white glue and clear glue mixed with acrylic paints. Embossed aluminum began as a disposable cookie sheet! Recycled crafts at their best!

majestic peacock faux stained glass kitchicken run faux stained glass kit

There are also quite a few different Faux Stained Glass Kits available!  Each includes a full sized pattern, all supplies and fully illustrated instructions to create your own Faux stained glass!  The finished picture is beautiful in a windowsill and makes a wonderful gift.

These are just a few of the many items currently available!  Be sure to take few moments and check out my Etsy Shop!