Quilled Monogram Tutorial

Basic Paper Quilling

paper crafts quilled butterfly headband

You then take your cut strip, put one end in the eye of your quilling tool and wind it tightly around the needle. If you want a tight wind, hold the wound paper while you pull the needle out, then put a drop of white glue on the end and glue.

If you want a looser wind, let go of the paper after winding, remove the needle and then glue. You can pinch one end for a petal effect, two ends for leaves or go crazy with so many other options.

For more quilling basics, see my Beginners Quilling tutorial!

paper quilled monogram

I had bought some larger cardstock in brown for the background, but wasn’t pleased with the color. So I got out my acrylic paints and added more browns to it, blending to give it a leather look.

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I then used a ruler to draw the letter H. Using dark blue paper strips, I created the outline by folding the paper to fit and glueing it down on it’s side with tacky glue. My plan then was to fill in the H with white scrollwork.

paper quilled monogram

Naturally, I got carried away. The scrollwork looked like leaves to me, so we really needed some flowers. And then we needed some green leaves.

Now let’s make a butterfly!

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