Project Life- a simple way to scrapbook!

This post is part of a paid campaign with American Crafts, but all opinions are my own.

The nice folks at American Crafts sent a Project Life Kit to me to try out and tell you about.  What is Project Life?  It is an extremely simple approach to scrapbooking and documenting life!  Perfect for people like me who have tons of photos, but very little time to actually do anything with them.  I decided to take this Project Life Kit and finally put together all the photos from our trip to Victoria, Canada in 1996.

Yep, I said 1996. Those children in this photo?  Well, the oldest is 30 now, and the little one in the pink jacket is 23.  These photos have been sitting in a shoe box for 17 years!  Project Life is a great incentive for me to pull those photos out and create an amazing photo album so that my family and I can relive that wonderful adventure years ago!

Scrapbooking has never really appealed to me, believe it or not.  I love to create art and the word “crafts” is my middle name, but for some reason, I do not like the details of putting together a scrapbook.  And this is coming from someone that truly loves to take photos!  That is what makes Project Life so perfect for me!  To put together a scrapbook of photos requires no scissors, no glue, no special tools and no special skills.  And best of all, very little time!

The kit includes a 3 ring binder, clear sheets to insert your photos, and hundreds of fun inserts.

I received the Vintage Travel Core Kit which features deep blues, reds, browns and a variety of darker neutrals with lots of vintage trains, airplanes, maps and much more.  See all these inserts?  They are all double sided!  There is also a Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic Core Kit that features an array of light blues, pinks, greens, yellows and airy neutrals with icons such as birds, trees, foxes, houses, keys and clipboards.  Tons to choose from!

Simply slide your photos into the clear compartmental pages and add the colorful inserts where you would like them!  No muss, no fuss!  Even I can do it!  After 17 years, these beautiful photos are seeing the light of day!

Each page quickly became my new favorite page as I assembled my photo book!  Love the ferry photos!  The photos of my husband looking very young and Tom Selleck-like.  And the excitement in my daughters’ eyes as this was their very first trip into Canada.

It brings back fond memories of searching out that hard to find light house, and walking to it in low tide over exposed rocks.  Sitting at the base of the light house and watching seals basking in the sun.  Oh, and the stinky smell of the fishy beach.  Great memories!  Even the stinky beach part.

The hardest thing about assembling the book was deciding which inserts to use!  But that was the fun part too!  I love the fact that I can number the days and turn the trip into a story

Pretty darn cool.  This trip has now finally been documented, and now I have a great keepsake to share with friends and family!

Want to try out a Project Life Kit?  You can now find them at your local Michaels stores!

I’m on my way there now to pick up some more.  You see, where that one shoe box came from- there are many more.  Years of great photos and memories that need to be documented somehow.  And Project Life is just the way for me to do that!

This post was sponsored by American Crafts and Project Life.  I only recommend awesomeness.  And I pretty much thought this was awesome.  

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