DIY Wire Wrapped Tree Suncatcher!

Thank you to Artterro Eco Art Kits for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own.

Happy Earth Day!  In celebration of the day, I’m working with Artterro’s Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit and making a pretty wire wrapped tree suncatcher with an Earth Day theme.  And what better way to celebrate the day than to create with one of Artterro’s fun, eco-friendly craft kits!  Interested?

wire wrapped tree sun catcher

The craft kits from Artterro are not only all-inclusive, but contain high quality materials that are sure to inspire. Each kit challenges you or your child to create something amazing.  The end result is something that you and your children can cherish for years to come!

And to go along with the Earth Day theme, Artterro has come out with Super Eco, Vibrant New Packaging!

  • A sturdier box you can reuse to store art materials (also a bonus project!)
  • No more petroleum-based plastic bags!
  • Biodegradable bead bags
  • A big glossy band with detailed images of all sorts of artwork
  • An inner tray to protect the beautiful materials
  • 100% PCW recycled paper packaging
  • Recycled bands printed w/ soy ink & green energy

And….new and improved kits with more supplies and lots of great ideas!  If you have never visited Artterro’s website, you really need to check them out! I love the variety of kits and love the fact that these are craft kits that you won’t see just anywhere.

So let’s check out the Bubble Wand Kit…

Bend high-quality copper wire into fun shapes and adorn with beads and marbles to construct two beautiful, sturdy wands. Perfect for blowing giant bubbles and casting magic spells! There are tons of great ideas in this kit, you can create a wand,  brighten a garden or add whimsy to a potted plant!  Or…you can make a wire wrapped suncatcher like I did!  Want to know how?

wire wrapped tree sun catcher

This kit contains: 

High-quality copper wire in 3 gauges, wooden wand sticks, wood, glass and shell beads, marbles, jig pattern, bubble recipe and instruction booklet.

You will also need: Pliers, Glass Glue

wire wrapped tree sun catcherwire wrapped tree sun catcher

Begin by using the heaviest gauge (or thickest) copper wire to create the frame for the suncatcher.  Make the sides about 6″ long and wrap the wire around a dowel or paintbrush handle at each corner.  Clip the wire when you get to the last corner with wire cutters, and use pliers to crimp the end to the first loop.  (see above)  You now have a square frame.

wire wrapped tree sun catcherwire wrapped tree sun catcher

To make the holder, wrap the end of the heavy gauge copper wire around a dowel or paintbrush to get it started, and then use your fingers to manipulate the wire into a pretty coil.  Do this on each end and then use the dowel to create a loop in the middle for hanging.  Attach the hanger to the top of the frame with the smallest gauge wire.  Simply wrap it around the two larger wires, and cut with wire cutters.

wire wrapped tree sun catcherwire wrapped tree sun catcher

Create a coiled decoration for the top of the frame using the heavy gauge wire, and then attach it with the smallest gauge wire.  Your frame is now complete and we are ready to start the tree!

wire wrapped tree sun catcherwire wrapped tree sun catcher

The tree is a free form created with the smaller gauge wires.  Begin at the bottom of the frame, wrapping the wire onto the frame.  (You will find that pliers are very useful on this project).  Move up the base of the tree and anchor the wire at the top of the frame.  Do not clip off the extra wire, continue it on to add branches, wrapping it and crimping where you need to.  Then add more wires, contributing to the shape of the tree, always starting at the bottom and working up.  As you get into the branches, start adding beads.  This kit comes with some amazing beads!

wire wrapped tree sun catcher

It looks a little messy at first, but as you add wires and beads, your tree will soon take shape!

wire wrapped tree sun catcher

I could have stopped here, but see those pretty colored marbles at the top of this photo?  Well, they needed to go on the suncatcher too!  I placed them into the branches of the tree and adhered them with glass glue.  (Do not use hot glue for this project as it will let go in the heat of the sun).

wire wrapped tree sun catcher

And here is my completed project!  I just love the colors of the beads with the sun shining through!!

For more fun kids crafts, please check out my Kids Crafts Page for a ton of crafty ideas!

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