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With the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is pretty easy to fall back on bad eating habits.  I know that one of the first places I seem to head when hungry and in a rush between errands is the local fast food joint.  Which is a bad plan if I want to stick with good-for-you choices.  Currently, I am taking advantage of the new V8 Protein Shakes and Bars that I found at Walmart.

Along with my push to improve my choices in eating, I need to take a little look at my current obsession- the scale.  So, I put together a great list of 10 Things NOT to do, when weighing yourself.  Based on past experience, of course.  LOL!

v8 protein shakes and bars

But let’s look at the V8 Protein products first!  I started a new job this week; I’m busy trying to sell my house; I have a website to run; (make that two websites); I have a husband and father-in-law that cannot seem to feed themselves.

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I have an Etsy shop to maintain and products to make; I have a large list of emails that are waiting to be answered.  Oh and every now and then I sleep.

So how the heck am I going to eat healthy when I just don’t seem to have any extra time to come up with a plan?  Fortunately, I found V8 Protein Shakes and Bars.

They contain natural ingredients such as Milk, Soy, Pea, Brown Rice, Quinoa; Veggies from Sweet Potatoes and Carrots, and use sweeteners such as Honey, Brown Rice Syrup, Sugar.  Each bar or shake has 12g Protein and 3g Fiber.  A perfect mix for a healthy treat.  And they come in 6 yummy flavor options!  They are the little indulgence that I could use every day!

Now that we’ve talked about healthier eating, let’s talk about the scale. You see, I seem to be a tad scale-obsessed. I try to not give it the power to ruin my day, but I am very interested each morning as to what that darn scale has to say. I approach it trying to intimidate it and make it cower in my presence, and unfortunately, it seems that I am the one that is cowering.

what not do when weighing yourself

If I stood on one foot, I might be lighter. Leaning to one side and then another could effect it. Doing things like washing my hair and trying it again sometimes worked. On particularly bloaty days, I learned that if I moved it to the carpet and stepped on it, I lost an instant 100 pounds. (Okay, it doesn’t take much to entertain me!)

what not do when weighing yourself

10 Things not to do when weighing yourself

1. Don’t weigh every day

Apparently it leads to obsession.  Who knew?  I am supposed to pick a day of the week and then only weigh in on that day each week.  Seriously?  How am I to know which day the scale will be in a good mood?

2. Don’t buy cheap scales

Okay.  My new scales were more expensive than my old easy-going scale.  But I still shopped the discount section and went with the lowest price.  Apparently the cheapskate in me is messing with my obsessions.

midnight steak eater

 3. Don’t weigh in after a huge meal

A side of beef isn’t light, folks.  Just saying.  Weighing in first thing in the morning works best unless you are a midnight beef eater.

4. Don’t weigh in on a different scale

Resist the urge to weigh in on your mother-in-law’s scale.  You will not be happy.  Ask me how I know.  Next time the doctor’s office wants to weigh me, I’m going to bring this up.

dog jumping rope

5. Don’t weigh in after a strenuous workout

Apparently, you can lose quite a bit of water weight during a workout, which would mess with your weigh in and give you an inaccurate loss.  I kind of like losses – even if they are inaccurate.  Ha!

6. Don’t weigh in wearing heavy clothing

Weighing in your hiking boots is not a plan.  Clothing can weigh as much as an extra 8-10 pounds!  Who needs that?  Best suggestions are to either weigh in naked, or in the same clothing every time.

7. Don’t weigh in if it is freaking you out

Try not to allow the scales to make or break your day.  Easier said than done, I know.  Taking measurements is another good way to measure your success without having to deal with numbers on the scale.

8. Don’t put the scales on the carpet

It absolutely results in an inaccurate number.  While I love the fact that I can “lose” an instant 100 pounds by putting my scale on the carpet, unfortunately it doesn’t help me fit into my skinny jeans.

9. Don’t weigh in if you are bloaty

Certain days of the month, women hold water due to their period.  You know the feeling.

10. Don’t weigh in if you are happy with how you look and feel

Why mess with success?  Who cares what that stupid scale has to say!

v8 protein shakes and bars

So, with this busy season, it helps to try and take a little better care of ourselves.  After all, we have New Year’s Resolutions right around the corner!  Wouldn’t it be great to get a good start on that a bit early?

v8 protein bars

Check out the V8 Protein Bars and Shakes!  You can find them in the Health and Beauty section at Walmart.

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