A look at the humorous side of raising children!

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You know, there is a reason I call this website the Sitcom.  As a mom raising two daughters, over the years I’ve had plenty of ridiculous things happen that would be perfect sitcom material.  Raising kids is difficult, but it is also full of joy and much laughter.  In fact, some of those things that frustrated me years ago are now remembered fondly.  Things like the “big toilet paper incident”.

I’ve always had the problem of “drifting off” when subject matters become dry to me. I’m a right brain thinker. I deal with mostly a creative point of view. Colors and design interest me. Marketing is right up my alley. But start throwing numbers at me and talking bottom line, budgets and percentages my brain starts to fossilize and it takes me no time at all to start drifting.

Now, I’ve perfected the looking interested, direct eye contact type pose, perched upright in my chair while nodding appreciatively at the right moments. In my head though, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

This bad habit has gotten me in trouble more than once.  One day while at work, my youngest daughter called to let me know she was home from school. You have to understand, when my youngest learned to talk, she never quit. My ear will get numb just listening. So after the first few moments of “How did your day go?” and “Do you have homework?”, I started drifting off as she blah, blah, blahhed.

I worked while she talked and offered an occasional “mmhmm” and “okay” until she finally talked herself out and we finished the call. About an hour later, the neighbor calls me to inform me that my daughter and her friends were toilet papering my yard and did I know about it?


So, I call the house and finally get hold of her and ask what the heck was she doing? She said that she had told me that she saw a house that had been toilet papered on the way home from school and had thought it looked pretty neat. She had asked me if she could do that to our house and I had said okay.

Well, just great. I apparently had given her permission.

That was a bit hard to explain to my husband when he came home and found his prized, freshly manicured yard engulfed in toilet paper!

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One of my favorite comedians is Stephanie Blum. She is a hilarious stand up comedian who recently launched a new YouTube Channel called MOMS RULE.  Stephanie’s comedy features the hilarious side of raising children and is definitely something I relate to.

Now she has a new comedy series on TLC called WHAT SHE SAID.  “What She Said” will be premiering at 11pm ET/10pm CT Sunday, May 10th.  It exposes the hilarious secrets that moms have in common and is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

Follow Stephanie Blum on Facebook or Twitter (@StephanieBlum or @MomsRuleShow) and subscribe to their YouTube channel or Moms Rule Facebook page and find out how you can appear on the show MOMS RULE!

Also, get bonus and backstage episodes, free tickets to MOMS RULE – The LIVE Stand-Up Comedy Tour (starring the moms from the show, LIVE on stage) and find out how you can book them to perform their special brand of stand up comedy at your own event!

After all, life is a sitcom covered in glitter, hot glue strings and dog hair…isn’t it?

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