Easy to make Glass Sun Catchers!

sun catchers kids craft

Place the glass cabochons into the glue, filling the lid with color in any design or pattern you like. Finish by adding more glue on top of the glass.

sun catchers kids craft

Set them aside to dry.  It will take about two days for them to dry enough to do anything with.  At that point, peel them out of the plastic lids, turn them over and give them a few more hours to dry out completely.

sun catchers kids craft

Use scissors to punch a hole through the glue in the top center of the sun catcher.  String fishing line through the hole and hang in the nearest window.

(This project was meant for inside use only.  The glue used is water soluble and will not tolerate weather).

Beautiful sparkling sunshine will then happen!  Easy, fun, and beautiful!  You certainly can’t beat that!

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