12 Colorful and Free Knit & Crochet Patterns!

With winter upon us, there is lots of time to take up needlework crafts.  I’m a huge fan of knitting, crochet and quilting and I love nothing better than to find cute free patterns!  So with that in mind, I located 12 awesome free knitting and crochet patterns for you to try out!

free knit and crochet patterns

There is a little of everything here and I chose patterns that are easy enough even for a beginner to try out.  Pick your favorite, go choose some colorful yarn and get started!

free knit and crochet patterns

Rock Candy Hat from Fiber Flux…Adventures in Stitching

This colorful little hat knits up quickly!  Made especially for little ones that won’t keep their hat on, you can customize this hat in any colors you prefer!

12 colorful and free crochet patterns

Rainbow Bobble Tablet Sleeve from HaakmaarRaak

The bobble structure of this sleeve makes it the perfect stitch to protect your tablet, laptop or phone!  Pattern is available in both English and Dutch.

10 free knitting and crochet patterns

Springtime Coasters Crochet Pattern from Whiskers & Wool

Crochet these pretty coasters in no time!  This website even offers a fun video to follow along!

vintage fan ripple crochet stitch

Vintage Ripple Fan Scarf Pattern from Suzy’s Sitcom

The Vintage Ripple Fan Pattern comes from one of my old crochet magazines.  I updated the pattern just a bit and made a brightly colored scarf with it.  And while I was at it, I even dabbled a bit in the field of videos and created a video to demonstrate the Double Triple Crochet stitches that are used in the fans of this pattern.

12 colorful and free crochet patterns

Rainbow Crochet Unicorn from 1 Dog Woof

A large, bright and colorful crochet unicorn!   He is inspired by the IT’S SO FLUFFY unicorn from Despicable Me, but he is his own unique self.

10 free knitting and crochet patterns

Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan from Moogly

I love this pretty crocheted striped afghan.  You can alter the size to make a baby blanket too!  A great way to use up some of your yarn, or just pick a few colors and make something amazing!

10 free knitting and crochet patterns

Fable Mitts Knitting Pattern from Crafty Little Sew n Sew

I love the addition of the little buttoned cuff on these fingerless mitts! A great way to add interest!  These knit up quickly and actually would make a wonderful gift!

10 free knitting and crochet patterns

Zip Line Scarf from PosiTori

This crochet pattern includes lots of detail photos and is a great pattern for beginners and experts alike!  Be sure to check out some of the other color choices on the site for this pattern!  Beautiful!

10 free knitting and crochet patterns

Chunky One-Skein Cowl from Noble Knits

I love the fact that this pattern only uses one skein of yarn!  Use self-striping yarn to get the cool striping effect!

dish scrub crochet pattern

Crocheted Pot Scrubbies from Suzy’s Sitcom

Create colorful pot scrubbers using strips of nylon netting!  These are fabulous for the kitchen and not only work up quickly, but make great little gifts!

10 free knitting and crochet patterns

Valentines Kitty Hat from Knot Your Nana’s Crochet

Love cats?  Here is a sweet little hat to crochet. This is a short weekend project and makes an awesome gift!

12 colorful and free crochet patterns

Colorful Rainbow Booties from Megan Mills

This little bootee is made with the old-fashioned Daisy Stitch. It is not at all lacy so is just as suitable for little boys as little girls.

So, did you see something you love?

Go grab some yarn, your needles or crochet hook and create something awesome!

What is your favorite?  If you end up making something, I would love to see it!!

Want to try your hand at quilting?  Be sure to see my pattern section!

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