A great option to reduce your cell phone bill!

A few weeks ago, I told you a little bit about our plans to sell the house, everything we own, and become permanent travelers.  We are in the process now of getting our home ready for sale.  In fact, our new kitchen counters are going in as we speak!  I will be writing a post next week detailing how to choose the right countertops and what to look out for when choosing a vendor.

rv camping suzys sitcom

This week, I want to talk about phone service.  Our cell phones will pretty much be the only utility bill we will have while on the road.  Quality cell phone coverage is incredibly important to us as we will need it to communicate to the family, be available in cases of emergency, and of course, I definitely need access to the internet when wifi is not available.  But it is also important to us to pare down the bills we have to acceptable levels.  And that is where Virgin Mobile comes in.

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Easy Halloween Hand Warmers!

s you probably already know, I love colorful projects.  For Halloween, I tend to go with neon green, bright orange and purple rather than just black and orange.  So when I ran across all the brightly colored holiday socks at Walmart, I had to snag a few.  And with a bit of adjustment, I created some fun Halloween Hand Warmers!

easy halloween hand warmers

Yep, I know what you are thinking.  She really needs a manicure!  Ha!  But look at the hand warmers!  Aren’t they fun?  And incredibly easy too.  I made them in about 10 minutes.  Want to know how?

Click here for the full tutorial!

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Fabric Softener Recycled Bottle Craft- Crocheted Purse

When the folks at Suavitel® asked me to try out their fabric softener that speeds up drying, I was very interested. You see, one of the things that we looked for when we purchased our RV was that it included a washer and dryer.  Since we plan on living in it full time, I did not want to spend a ton of time at laundromats.  Ah, college day memories…

Anyway, we discovered pretty quickly that the RV dryer takes a  lot of time to dry clothes. Sauvitel not only had a solution, but a pretty bottle to go along with it.  Hence, my Recycled Bottle Purse!

recycled bottle purse crochet pattern

Yep, you know I can’t seem to pass up a recycled project.  Especially a colorful one.

Click here for the full tutorial and free crochet pattern!

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Fun DIY Santa Rake Door Greeter!

You know I’m a huge fan of creating from recycled materials.  I’ve made fun wall art from toilet paper tubes, art from recycled disposable aluminum pans, suncatchers from lids, and even art from magazine pages.  Today I’m going to share with you a project that I created from an old rake head.  A Santa Rake Door Greeter!

santa rake door greeter

 Recently, at a flea market, I ran across a whole bunch of old metal rake heads without the handles. After staring at them a bit, I bought the batch of them and put them aside for inspiration. And then suddenly, I saw Santa whiskers and it was all downhill from there!  Soon, a Santa Rake Greeter came to be.  Want to know how?

Click here for the full tutorial!

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Abandoned Pets- How you and Pedigree Dog Food can help!

adopt a dog or cat pedigree

This post was sponsored by #CollectiveBias Inc. and Pedigree Dog Food. All opinions are mine alone. #PedigreeGives Today we are on a more serious note here at the Sitcom.  I want to talk a little bit about a cause that is near and dear to me.  I’d like to discuss pet overpopulation and try to help to raise awareness […]

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Handmade Halloween with Tulip Body Art!

tulip halloween face paint

This post was sponsored by Tulip Body Art and Blueprint Social. The project and opinions are my own. You know, there are stores that open up in October that only sell Halloween costumes?  I didn’t realize what a huge business it was.  At the risk of sounding like my father-in-law, back in my day, things were different! […]

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How to Sell Your House- Decluttering

kitchen renovation

This post was sponsored by Walmart Savings Catcher and the folks at Crowdtap.  All opinions are my own. #WMTSavingsCatcher I had told you about our plans last week regarding selling our house and moving into our RV.  We are so excited to get on the road and start traveling!  I will be doing several series […]

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Yep, I’m playing on the internet again…

suzys sitcom dog laptop

My days are pretty darn full with keeping this blog updated, making crafts, painting all those Paisley Chickens, writing for the Daily Holiday Blog, and oh yeah, there is the day job.  So I find myself every evening doing my best to catch up on the websites.  I work in the living room where I […]

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Easy lunch idea! Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

ham and cheese pinwheels recipe

This post is sponsored by Hillshire Farm; all opinions and the recipe are my own. Both my kids have grown up and moved on, but just because I have no kids in school doesn’t mean I still don’t have to pack lunches.  The hubby and I both commute over an hour to work each day, […]

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I’m all ears…literally. So…do you have a question?

dog pointing down

I have been writing the Sitcom and creating craft tutorials left and right for the past four years.  I am always looking for ways to improve what I present and would certainly love to have some input from you! What questions do you have?  What things would you like to see in the future?  Would you […]

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