This past year has been a whirlwind of activity for us.  We became full time RV'ers in April and spent quite a bit of the year in Maine, along the east coast, and now in Florida.  While in Maine, I looked for a fun Christmas ornament that would represent our time there and never really could find something that truly fit.  So, why not make my own?

miniature vintage suitcase ornament

With the help of my new HP Deskjet 3632 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner, I created a fun miniature vintage suitcase full of some of my favorite photos and tiny trinkets from our year of traveling.  This project is so simple to do and is a perfect way to capture the memories from the past year!

Want to know how to make one of your own?

Click here for the fun tutorial!

This week, I received an email from Rebecca and Elizabeth, of Lee & Pearl.  They had seen my tutorial on how to make Faux Tin Tiles from disposable aluminum pans.  As artists who create miniature patterns and accessories for 18" dolls, they used this technique to create miniature "antique" Chanukah Menorahs!

miniature chanukiya for dolls

These beautiful little replicas have all the details of the original antiques, and are made of disposable aluminum pans!  And those little candles are real too!  Amazing.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Lee & Pearl is a fascinating website, offering tons of patterns for 18" dolls and lots of great homemade accessory items with fun and detailed video tutorials.

Click here for the fun video tutorial and other fun patterns for 18" dolls!

I love my dogs.  And I love the holidays.  So naturally, I love to combine the two.  I mean, my dogs are part of the family, right?  While they may not understand the holiday season, or our crazy traditions that we carry on from year to year, it is fun to include them in the celebration.  So this year, I decided to create their very own Doggie Advent Calendar and fill it with their favorite snacks: PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX® and PEDIGREE® MarroBone™!

diy doggie advent calendar

I created 24 little burlap bags, filled them with treats and thumb tacked them onto a cute little cork board that I found at Walmart.  Oh, and added a little doggie to the top too!  It will be fun counting down to Christmas this year with my Santa Advent Calendar filled with scratch off lottery tickets for the hubby, and the Doggie Advent full of snacks for the dogs.

Want to know how to make this cute little advent calendar?

Click here for the full tutorial!

As full time travelers living in our RV, you could call us campers.  But those folks that actually camp in tents and cook over fires will scoff at us.  We are more "glampers" than campers.  We love to have a small bit of luxury around us, like table linens on our picnic table, real dishes, silverware and fun decorations.  With a Walmart around just about every corner, it is easy to "glamp" in style!

skillet 3-berry cobbler recipe

The hubby loves to cook on the grill.  Which means I go out of my way to come up with great grill friendly recipes for him to make.  I mean, if the hubby wants to cook, I should support that habit, right?

This week, he cooked up some amazingly delicious 3-Berry Cobbler, corn on the cob, and even a Freschetta® Brick Oven Crust Pepperoni & Italian Style Cheese Pizza.  And he did it all on the grill!

Glamping at it's prime!

st petersburg florida campground

This is our new digs in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We will be here working at the campground until early spring when we will move onto our next camping job at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  We are currently living among the winter "snowbirds" who travel down to Florida every year in order to avoid the winter.

Personally, I love the cold.  Unfortunately, our RV does not.  So we have to go where the weather is milder.

st petersburg florida campground

Our new set up required more glamping gear!  I found some fun linens for our picnic table along with some cute camper lighting.  You know, for ambiance!

Oh, and of course a little trinket from Maine- my lobster salt and pepper shakers.  Awesomeness.

So how do you make pizza, corn on the cob and cobbler on the grill you ask?  Well, let me show you how true glamping cooking is done!

Click here for the recipes and more!

My daughter's wedding was last week and roughly 200 people attended.  We arrived in Atlanta in time to help out with the catering and final preparations.  How the heck do you plan to feed 200 people?  Well, my sister-in-law had it down to a science.

So with party planning a real thing this time of year, I thought I'd share with you a fun free printable - The Ultimate Menu Planner, along with a fun appetizer recipe for Pimento Cheese Bites!

weight watchers party food ideas

We have spent the last month making our way down the coast from Maine to St. Petersburg, FL.  On the way here, we stopped in Atlanta, not only for the wedding, but to get our yearly physicals.  We couldn't believe it!  In the six months that we have been on the road we have both gotten so much healthier.  Dave lost about 40 pounds and I am entirely off all my blood pressure medications.  Fabulous!

So for the next six months while we are in Florida, I decided to eat a bit smarter!  And that is where Weight Watchers comes in.  I know the plan works and I know it is easy.

Click here for the free Menu Planner printable and easy appetizer recipe!

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winter scene place settings

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diy christmas bear joy magnets

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