Easy Coconut Cream Cupcakes!

If you love coconut, then you are going to love this recipe!  The hubby and I have both been craving something sweet lately.  I was reading Sam's Club Healthy Living Magazine the other day and noticed that Sam's Club is featuring a lot of great coconut based products such as coconut flour, coconut oil and coconut milk.   And it occurred to me that we just might need a good coconut fix...

coconut cream cupcakes

And Coconut Cream Cupcakes soon came to be!

coconut cream cupcakes

With a surprise coconut cream filling inside!  Featuring fresh Maine wild blueberries and raspberries and a creamy light coconut covered icing... So, how did a crafty person who admits to not being the best cook in the world come up with these goodies?

Well, they are surprisingly easy.  I'm the master of shortcuts when it comes to cooking.  Most likely a professional chef would still scoff at my attempts at fancy recipes, but they certainly work for us!

In fact, these cupcakes were so popular that I had difficulty getting photos.  There were hands waiting in the background to snatch them up!  Want to know how to make them?

Our lives have changed dramatically in the last six months.  One huge example is the start of our mornings.   Living in Atlanta six months ago meant a daily commute of and hour and a half each way.  We carpooled, so that meant my husband and I left the house each morning at about 4:00 AM.

atlanta traffic

Oh how I do not miss this traffic!

photography challenge sunrise atlanta

We did get to see some great sunrises, though.

Breakfast-wise, we didn't do that well.  While I skipped breakfast, Dave usually stopped at the local donut drive through for his less than healthy breakfast.

One story my husband likes to tell is about the time I was recovering from a cold.  I was using the drive to catch up on some sleep on the way in.  In no time, I was sound asleep in the passenger seat of our little VW.  Every day, without fail, my husband pulled into the donut place for his morning coffee.

Apparently, as we sat at the drive-through window while he paid, and got his coffee; both he and the lady at the drive-through were thoroughly entertained by my loudly whistling nose.  So loud in fact, that the woman had to call her co-workers over to enjoy the show.

I have since reminded my husband numerous times that a gallant husband would have elbowed me awake and defended my honor.  He is still laughing…Sigh.

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With summertime in full blast and picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings going on, I'm betting there is a lot of watermelon involved.  A few years ago, I challenged a group of bloggers to come up with a watermelon recipe or watermelon themed craft project that they would like to share.

watermelon crafts and recipes

And they had a bunch of fabulous ideas!  Here are 17 great watermelon craft and recipe ideas to celebrate the last days of summer with!  That's a whole lot of watermelon!

summery watermelon salad

Ashley from Ashley's Dandelion Wishes took this challenge on and created a beautiful Summery Watermelon Salad.  I'm loving the addition of raspberries.  You can find the full tutorial and recipe at Ashley's Dandelion Wishes.

watermelon canisters

Heidi from Mom's Crafty Space, created these cute watermelon tins.  Perfect for transporting cookies to that next family gathering.  Or maybe for holding crafty supplies?  Well, I'm sure I could come up with a few things to store in them!  You can find the tutorial for this cute project at Mom's Crafty Space.

Click here for more cool watermelon crafts and recipes!

Yep, I'm just loaded up with giveaways lately!  How about a 6 quart crock pot?  Well, the folks at Crystal Farms have not only asked me to talk about their products, but are offering up a brand new 6 quart crockpot to one lucky Sitcom reader!  Oh, and how about a recipe for Slow Cooker Baked Ziti with Meatballs too?

crockpot giveaway

While work camping in Maine, we struggle with not only eating healthy, but eating at a decent hour.  You see, we are currently working a night shift, getting off around 8:00 PM.  That means lots of hotdogs and grilled cheese sandwiches.  It would help if I could get a bit more organized.

Crockpot cooking seems like it might be a good solution for many of those nights.  I love the idea of fast and easy recipes and that I can throw it in the slow cooker and leave it.  Coming home to the smell of dinner ready and waiting is incredibly appealing.

So I did some research looking for some great crockpot recipes and found that there are many recipes for pulled pork, BBQ and pot roast.  And not much else.  Time to improvise!

Click here for a great Slow Cooker Ziti and Meatballs recipe and an awesome crockpot giveaway!

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Easy Crock Pot Jambalaya!

crock pot jambalaya

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