Pattern Terms of Use

Patterns Terms of Use

The patterns on this site, both free and premium, are for your own personal use only (non-profit, non-commercial use).

What is okay to do with my patterns:

You may print out the information on these Web pages for your personal use.

Please feel free to tell your friends about my site so they can come here and print out their own copies.

Individuals may make items for themselves, for gifts, for charitable donation from any of my patterns.  Creating from these patterns refers to items made by one person, and not mass production situations.

What isn’t okay to do with my patterns:

I do not allow the distribution or use of any of my patterns, graphics or site pages in shops or other commercial environments, nor the use of these as teaching material in any commercial way.

Do not give away or sell reproduced copies of the patterns. You are welcome to give out the URL to the main page for this pattern or the URL to the printing page but, per copyright law, do not place the actual content of the pattern pages on another website; do not redistribute the actual content of the pages in any form (even for free)! Thank you!

Items made from my original designs may not be made for mass market production.

 Any reproduction or redistributing of the pattern instructions or pattern images involves the written permission of the artist, Susan Myers, and involves the drawing up of legal paperwork detailing the specific permission to be granted, any fees for the requested use in reproducing or redistributing the pattern and signing of said legal paperwork by the parties involved

Good rule of thumb: When in doubt, ask!

It seems as though most often copyright violations occur with the best of intentions but a lack of understanding of the copyright laws. Please return my kindness in offering these free patterns with the kindness of respecting the above stipulations. 

For any pattern use questions, you can email me at [email protected]

In light of the fact that having the exact same content on multiple websites can damage the original web site’s standing with search engines, permission to reproduce on individual websites will not be granted. Permission for companies or publishers for print publication will be considered.
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