New Hidden Valley for Everything…well nearly everything…

This post brought to you by Hidden Valley for Everything. All opinions are 100% mine.

My youngest daughter has always been a fan of Ranch Dressing.  She literally puts it on everything.  So I immediately thought of her when I saw Hidden Valley for Everything Original Ranch.  It is located in the ketchup aisle, and is now available at Walmart.


Why is it different than just ranch dressing?

It is thicker and creamier and comes in a cool squeeze bottle just like it’s buddy the ketchup.  But Hidden Valley for Everything has even more options than ketchup.  You certainly wouldn’t squeeze ketchup on your broccoli now would you?

Well, maybe there are a few of you that would, but let’s try not to think about that…

You can put Hidden Valley for Everything on your broccoli, your fresh veggies, your hotdog, your hamburger, your nacho chips, well just like the bottle says- Everything!  This is a great way to get your children to eat those fresh veggies!

Hidden Valley currently has a fun little game on the website called Ready, Aim, Ranch- Everything game.  The object of the game is to put Hidden Valley for Everything on various foods as they are moved across the screen by a crowd of ants.  The ants are tricky, though.  Sometimes they bring a plate of something that isn’t good with Hidden Valley for Everything.  You know, like a ball or a puppy.

click here to play

Sounds silly doesn’t it?  Then why did I just spend a half hour of my life playing that silly game?  My high score?  3500!  Yeah, buddy!  I out-ranched myself there.  Ha!

Take a few moments and check out the Ready, Aim, Ranch-Everything Game.  Bet the kids would love to join in.  I’m also betting that your kids get a higher score than 3500.  (I accidently ranched quite a few puppies….)

And don’t forget to pick up a bottle or two of Hidden Valley for Everything from your local Walmart!