The David Tutera Celebrate Line creates amazing things!

David Tutera Pumpkin Carriage/Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #paper crafts #diy

This past month, I was the happy recipient of a package from David Tutera’s Paper Crafts.  I was asked to sort through the box, play with it some and then let you know about David Tutera’s Celebrate Cardmaking Line.  This line is exclusive to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  Well, they certainly didn’t have to twist my arm.  If you are familiar with me at all, you do know I love paper crafts.

And as you can see by the photo above, I went a bit crazy with some of the paper and embellishments that they sent me.  After all, they did send me some high quality stuff. So a pumpkin carriage somehow created itself right before my eyes, featuring David Tutera’s fancy paper and embellishments.

David Tutera #paper crafts #card making

But let’s talk about what the Celebrate Cardmaking line is really for…making cards!  Check out the fabulous offerings!

David Tutera2 #paper crafts #card making

I love to give and receive hand-made cards.  It is really a very thoughtful gift.  David Tutera’s Celebrate Cardmaking line is set up so that I can create a card in just minutes.  Check out the boxes and packages.  Everything is numbered.

David Tutera3 #paper crafts #card making

Step 1- Select the size, color and finish of your card base.  For this step, all boxes and packages marked “1” are blank cards  in every color, size, shape and finish that you can think of.  For this card, I chose a light blue card. I then thumbed through the Step 2 layers to find a layer that I liked to add on top.  Simply add some glue dots and glue it down.  (Hmmm…already I’m looking at this and thinking “carriage wheels”.

David Tutera4 #paper crafts #card making David Tutera6 #paper crafts #card making

Now it’s time to look through the step 3 embellishments.  They sent me lots of cool stuff to work with.  Some embellishments can be sanded to bring out the design.  This blue circle became a beautiful patterned circle when I when over it with the sander supplied by David Tutera.  And I love butterflies, so they had to be used too.

David Tutera7 #paper crafts #card making

And the final addition of bling completes this card in under ten minutes time.

David Tutera10 #paper crafts #card making David Tutera11 #paper crafts #card making

So, naturally I had to make some more.

David Tutera12 #paper crafts #card making David Tutera13 #paper crafts #card making

…and some more.  I created all of these cards in less than 45 minutes!  And it only took me that long because I was having difficulty choosing what I wanted to work with.  The David Tutera Celebrate Cardmaking Line made it so simple!

And now you have a chance to win your own cardmaking set!

  • Three lucky winners will receive a $250 grand prize pack of supplies from David Tutera’s Celebrate cardmaking line AND a personally signed book from David!
  • 20 additional winners will receive a $50 Celebrate prize pack!

 The pumpkin carriage?  I used:

4 cardboard coasters (wheels)
1 small plastic pumpkin
1 wooden skewer cut in half
Silver paint
Assorted David Tutera Celebrate Cardmaking supplies
Hot glue and white glue

Pumpkin Carriage/Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #paper crafts Pumpkin Carriage/Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #paper crafts Pumpkin Carriage/Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #paper crafts

Poke holes in the center of each coaster and push the skewer into the hole, gluing with hot glue on both ends.  Paint the insides with silver paint.  Cut the door window and side windows out of the pumpkin.  Using the hot glue, glue the bottom of the pumpkin to both wheel axles.

David Tutera Pumpkin Carriage/Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom #paper crafts

Now embellish the daylights out of it with all the cool David Tutera Celebrate cardmaking supplies!  Finish with glitter and show it to your confused hubby who says, “I thought you were making cards!”  Ha!

For more information on the Celebrate line and Core’dinations, visit the Core You Tube page.
And be sure to visit the David Tutera Celebrate Facebook page and Twitter page!

And don’t miss some of the great stuff that others are making from this wonderful paper line!

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with David Tutera Celebrate cardmaking line and Blue Print Social.  The opinions in this post are my own.