2014 Photography Challenge

Does your camera have so many bells and whistles that it frustrates you to take a great shot?  Are you struggling to come up with some artistic photos?  Do you just love photography and any excuse to take a photo is a good one?  Well, then the 2014 Photography Challenge is right up your alley!

2014 photography challenge

In an effort to improve my photography and to be inspired by those that actually know what they are doing with their fancy cameras, I will be doing a new photo challenge for 2014.  Each weekend, I will announce a new theme for the following week.

I will create a photo for that theme to show you at the end of the week.  Want to be challenged also?  Submit your photos and I will add them to the weekly post !  Check out the Submission Guidelines!  This is a great way to promote your photography or even your website if you happen to have one! And a fun way to share.

Look here for all the previous and current photography challenges!

So check back every weekend to see what the theme is for the week!