Feature Friday- Witchy-Poo Broom Tutorial

witchy poo broom recycled halloween decoration

I’m not a fan of scary-ness. I like my Halloween to be cute. So I decided to bring back an old 80’s craft using crushed aluminum cans. Crushed can art was pretty darn popular many years ago and everything imaginable was made from aluminum cans, from Christmas ornaments to Easter bunnies. So how about witches? Certainly!

For this project I used:
One decorative broom
3 Pepsi Cans
Black Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint in peach, black, white and red
Hot glue
Small piece of black craft foam with sparkles
Small amount of spaghnum moss (stolen from one of my silk flower arrangements)
Wide wired Halloween ribbon
Narrow orange ribbon

Crush each can so that the top of the can faces the front. Take off the tab and spray paint the whole thing black.

Paint the top of the can (the face), a peach color with acrylic paint.

Add in the eyes and eyebrows.

I gave them each a tooth, cutting a small piece of white card stock and gluing inside their mouths.

I stole a handful of spaghnum moss out of one of my silk flower arrangements and using the hot glue, glued small amounts onto each witch for hair. This is an incredibly messy step. I ended up with moss all over me and my worktable. But is makes great witch hair.  Cut out three witch hats from your black craft foam and glue them onto the top of each witchy head. Add cheeks by mixing a drop of red with the white and adding to the witches faces.

Glue the witches down onto the broom arranging them in a close group.

Use the wired ribbon and narrow orange ribbon to create a bow for the top of the broom.

Hang on your door. Your little coven of witches can now greet your visitors. See- not so scary. Just a bunch of old witchy poos with poor dental hygiene. Awesome.

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