Commercial Break Thursday- Promote Yourself! Linky List

Today I am featuring Painted Treasures by Beth Mosier.  Beth is a decorative painter who also does some amazing work with pyrography, which is the art of burning a pattern or design into your object of choice using a woodburning tool.  Her object of choice seems to be gourds and I have to tell you that I was mesmerized by her creations.  Beth is extremely talented. 


Beth belongs to Gourd Art Enthusiasts.  This website was also fascinating.  You know, I have several gourds in the cabinet waiting for inspiration and frankly between Beth’s site and this one, I think I’ll be dragging them out soon.

Please take a few moments to swing by Beth’s site, Painted Treasures by Beth Mosier.  She has so many wonderful things to ooh and aah over.  And be sure to check out her Etsy shop for some great art pieces.   

Then take another moment and promote yourself!

Please feel free to link up your latest crafty project, your blog or your etsy shop. That way we can all get a little self-promotion in. A little bit of advertising and self promotion never hurts. Especially free advertising! Rules are as follows:

1- There are no rules…Link your website, your etsy site, your projects. Whatever. It doesn’t have to be crafts. Like, I said- no rules!! Go crazy! This is your chance for self promotion! If you choose to, I have a button on the side that you can add to your blog. But don’t worry, I’m not the button police. The object of the game is to get you and your stuff out there!

Next week, I will feature one of you! So get linking and get your stuff out there for all of us to see!