Commercial Break Thursday- Promote Yourself! Linky List

Welcome to another Commercial Break Thursday! Today we are featuring Meishan from Toronto, Canada. Meishan is an amazing fabric artist who currently has a shop on Etsy called Handmade Fun. She makes and sells handbags, cosmetic bags, change purses, netbook cases, makeup bags and clutches.

Her work is well crafted. I know because I am a proud owner of one of her amazing purses. All of her bags are fully lined, and all seams are surged for durability.

But what truly catches the eye is Meishan’s amazing sense of style. These cute bags are perfect fashion accessories for any outfit.

Be sure to stop by Meishan’s shop, Handmade Fun and check out the huge variety of bags. Her prices are very reasonable and currently she has several items on sale, so be sure to stop by her shop and show her some love!

Then take another moment and promote yourself!

Please feel free to link up your latest crafty project your blog or your etsy shop. That way we can all get a little self-promotion in. A little bit of advertising and self promotion never hurts. Especially free advertising! Rules are as follows:

1- There are no rulesLink your website, your etsy site, your projects, your latest hairdo. Whatever. It doesn’t have to be crafts. Like, I said- no rules!! Go crazy! This is your chance for self promotion! If you choose to, I have a button on the side that you can add to your blog. But don’t worry, I’m not the button police. The object of the game is to get you and your stuff out there!