Feature Friday Re-run- Flip Flop Pillow Tutorial

Create a cute flip flop pillow with this simple pattern and tutorial!  Perfect for decorating a child’s room, or just for a bit of fun style in your decor!

flip flop pillow tutorial and pattern

My daughter has about 20 pairs of flip flops in various colors. She is a huge fan of the things. And even though our dog Ralph eats one now and then, she manages to keep a good supply. So when I was perusing a department store one day, I ran across a flip flop pillow that I found amusing. But being the cheapskate that I tend to be, I wasn’t willing to pay the money that they wanted for it. Not when I could come up with one of my own.

I have a large collection of fabric fat quarters. A fat quarter is a quilter’s term for a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that (usually) measures 18″ x 22″ instead of the typical 9″ x 44″ quarter-yard cut. Of course the term “fat quarter” can also describe the result of sitting on your butt doing too much quilting. Not that I would know anything about that.  I like to refer to my “quarters” as fluffy.  ANYWAY, in this case, we are referring to the first definition.

For each flip flop pillow, I used the following:

2 fat quarters of contrasting fabric
1 dollar store roll of wired ribbon
1 yard of pom pom fringe
1 silk flower
Poly-fil stuffing

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

I began by drawing out my pattern on a piece of posterboard. The length of the flipflop is 17″, width is 8 1/2″ at the top and 6 1/2″ at the heel. I then cut out the pattern, adding 1/2″ seam allowance.

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

Use this pattern to cut the top and bottom of your flip flop out of your main fabric. Remember to flip the pattern over for the bottom.

From the contrasting fabric, cut a strip that measures 4″ wide x 44″ long for the sides of the flip flop, and a strip that measures 3 1/2″ wide x 20″ long for the strap. (If you are using fat quarters, you may have to piece 2 strips together to get 44″).

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

Start with the 44″ long strip of contrasting fabric and with right sides together, sew the ends together to create a loop.

Placing the seam at the heel, pin to the bottom of the flip flop with right sides together, clipping at the curves for fit.

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

Sew the side to the bottom allowing a 1/2″ seam allowance. Take the 3 1/2″ wide strip and fold in half lenthwise, right sides together.  Sew along the end and the length of it, leaving one end open.  Turn and press.

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

I wanted the straps to stand up like they do on real flip flops.  To solve this problem, I used some dollar store wired ribbon.  I cut a piece that was roughly double the length of the strap and folded it in half.

I then folded it in half lengthwise and slid it into the length of the strap.  I basted the open end closed.

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

I then folded the strap at about the 8 inch mark.  (One side is longer than the other).  About 1 inch from the fold, I sew a straight seam.  This will make the section that goes between the toes.  The internet calls this the “toe thong”.  For some reason, I find that rather humorous.  Anyway…

I then decide where on the flip flop top that I want the thong thing to be and pin in place. And then sew it down.

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

Then with right sides together, sew top piece to the side piece. Be sure to leave a 3″ opening for stuffing. I put my opening on the side for easy basting later.

Here the flip flops are ready for stuffing and basting.  I stuffed them using Poly-fil and then basted the side opening shut.  I then basted the ends of the straps down.

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

…even pillow flip flops seem to attract the dogs.  Not sure what that’s about.

flip flop pillow pattern and tutorial

I then “blinged up” the flip flops with pom pom trim and silk flowers.  Because we all need a little “bling” now and then.  Just sayin’.

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