Feature Friday- Summer Seashell Wreaths

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Once a month, I get together with some crafty friends and relatives for our project of the month club.  A different person is in charge each month and they get to pick the project, distribute a list of what to bring and then reveal what we are working on when we all get there.  We love the secret project idea.  You never know what you are going to make until you show up to make it!

So far, we have made:

This month, my mother was in charge.  Apparently, she had a large amount of seashells that she needed to do something with, so she had us all make seashell wreaths!

For this project we used:

A grapevine wreath
Assorted seashells
Assorted wire ribbon
Hot glue
Clear acrylic spray
Assorted greenery
Assorted shiny things
Assorted anything….these wreaths are as individual as the maker

Other necessities include a good working space with plenty of outlets for everyone’s glue gun.  And lots of edibles for that bit of extra energy.  After all, we will be creating and all…

My sister, who we shall refer to as “Mardi Gras” from here on, created a big sparkly blue bow out of wired ribbon for hers, then wrapped the grapevine wreath with the rest of the ribbon.  The result was glitter all over the table, glitter in her lap, and glitter in places that we had no idea that glitter could go.

Mardi Gras even went so far as to glitter my mother’s dog, Krystal.  Poor thing can’t even walk through the room, minding her own business, without someone glittering her.

My mother and I went the more conventional route, glueing our seashells directly onto our grapevine wreaths.  My mother used larger shells, putting them all the way around.  I used smaller shells, making them thicker in one area and creating a half moon shape about 3/4 the way around my wreath. We each took our wreaths outside at this point and lightly sprayed the shells with clear acrylic spray to bring out the beautiful colors.

Mardi Gras got out the weird sparkly white curvy things and went to town, topping her creation off with a blue sparkly parrot.

I added a nautical looking blue and white striped wire ribbon bow to mine, a silver and white wired ribbon bow and a few weird white sparkly things.  Mardi Gras told me to not add too many things as I certainly wouldn’t want it to be busy or anything.  Certainly not.  Good thing Mardi Gras has my back.

My mother’s finished wreath includes lots of greenery and a pretty blue bow.

I went with the natural look, adding a few nautical bows and some netting.

And here we have Mardi Gras’ version of a nautical seashelly wreath.  With parrots!

The fun part of this project was that each wreath had a different personality.  Like each of the creators.  We will be meeting again next month to create.  Create what, we have no idea, but I’m sure it will be just as fun!