Make Cute Angel Ornaments with Macaroni!

Create cute angel ornaments with macaroni!  Loved making macaroni decorations as a child?  This takes it to a whole new level!  I used my macaroni angel ornaments as place settings.  Easy step by step tutorial.

macaroni angel name tags

I’m always looking for fresh new ideas to make the holiday table special, and this year I wanted to add personalized place settings.  The hubby says that we know each others names, otherwise why the heck would we even hang out together?  True.  But place setting are cool because if you are in charge, you get to sit next to who you want.  Right?  You can’t fault my logic.  (At least the hubby isn’t allowed to).  So place settings it is!

So this year, I decided to go the macaroni way.

For this project I used:

Pasta- Rigatoni, Elbow Macaroni, and Bow Ties
Small Christmas ballsHot Glue
White Acrylic Paint
Scrap book Paper
A Dollar Store Garland (or tiny ornaments for decoration)
Scraps of gold-trimmed wire ribbon

macaroni angel name tags

Assembling the Macaroni Angels

Glue the Christmas ornament onto the top of a Rigatoni.  Glue a Bow Tie pasta to the back for wings.  Then glue an elbow macaroni to each side of the Rigatoni for arms.

macaroni angel name tags

Paint each angel white with acrylic paint.  (It may take two coats)

macaroni angel name tags

Add a few tiny ornaments for color.  In this case, I disassembled a dollar store garland, giving each angel a bell to hold.  For the halo, I trimmed the edge from a gold edged wire ribbon, formed it into a circle and glued it on the head.  The face was drawn on with a black sharpie.  You now have a tiny ornament for your tree!  Or… we can make place settings!

Make Macaroni Angel Place Settings

macaroni angel name tags

Simply cut 3″ x 3″ pieces of cardboard instead of the 1 1/2″ x 3″.  Fold them in half to create a little stand up tent.  They should stand up on their own and show your guests in the cutest way possible where they should sit at the dinner table! Glue the macaroni angel to the name tag, being sure to allow space for the name.

macaroni angel name tags

Finally, I printed out my guests names on my printer and cut them out, glueing them on the face of the place setting.  To add a finishing touch, I cut a gold snowflake from the dollar store garland and added it for a bit of sparkle.

A cute way to add a sweet touch to your table decorations!

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