Tweet as Honey Features from September- A big Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment and thank some great folks for featuring my projects on their pages last month.  It has been so very exciting to turn on my computer and see my crafty stuff cruising the internet.  And I am always so thrilled when I see someone get inspired by something I made.

Becca from Blue Cricket Design did a wonderful article featuring my Quilled Monogram Tutorial.  I was so excited to be featured on their site!  The projects and ideas on her site are very inspiring.  Take a moment to check it out.  She has lots of fun things going on for October.

Kim at Seven Thirty Three enjoyed my Marvin the Mummy and Friends Tutorial so much that she created a cousin for Marvin.  Meet Melvin!  Great job, Kim!  Hmmm… maybe we should make a Mabel Mummy next!

I was very honored to be featured several times this past month in Craft Town.  One of their features included my Baby Food Jar Christmas tree.  VERY exciting!

My Paper Mache Santa Ornament was featured on Punkin Seed Productions.  Kristi does a Punkin Seed Linky party every Thursday.  Check it out!
And a website called Bukisa had an article called “Redecorate Using Beautiful, Cute and Uncommon Pillows”.  And featured my Flip Flop Pillows.  Check out the site to see other amazing pillow creations!
Thank you to all for the great features!!  I feel very honored.
And please check out my linky page for sites that I link to regularly throughout the week.  If you are looking for inspiration, you will find a never-ending fountain of it there.