The 100 Blog Comment Event

Our regularly scheduled program – Commercial Break Thursday, will not be shown this week as The Sitcom is participating in the 100 Blog Comment Event hosted by Blogelina.  Commercial Break Thursday will return at it’s normal scheduled time next Thursday.  So please stay tuned…  

The 100 Blog Comment Event is a gathering where groups of 100 bloggers are tasked with commenting on each others posts.  For this event, we each need to write that “epic” post- you know, the one that shows who you are and makes folks want to come back and read some more.  So what does that mean for you, my reader?  Well, you get to sit there and watch me sweat while I try to come up with something “epic”.  Ha!   So here goes…

I apologize in advance.  I thought about showing new readers a crafty tutorial, but when I heard the word “epic”, I’m afraid that ridiculous thought patterns ensued.  I couldn’t help myself.  So I present to you:

The Butt-Call Phenomenon

About a week ago, my neighbor dropped by the house. Now before I go any further with this, I have to explain that I am a bit anti-social where the neighbors are concerned. This stems from a bad experience in my old neighborhood. Let’s face it, if you don’t get along with your neighbor, you still have to live right next door to them.

So I keep my distance. I’m friendly enough and will offer up a pageant wave when I see one of them, but for the most part, I keep to myself. Anyway, she pops by and does that horrendous act of ringing the doorbell.

The dogs HATE the doorbell with a huge doggy passion. The ringing of the doorbell signals the start of mass doggy bedlam in the form of spinning tazmanian devil-like creatures that bark their fool heads off. I have to stop whatever I’m doing, because I can’t even think over the noise, scoop up the dogs that I can catch and herd the rest out the back door where they run in a barking mass of fur flying frenzy to the gate so they can yap even louder at the culprit who had the audacity to ring the doorbell.

Ya know. The neighbor knows this. Why she insists on ringing the doorbell is beyond me.  Turns out, she stopped by to invite me to an Ellie-May Makeup* party at her house the following weekend. I was non-commital and she told me that if I decided to come;  just pop on over. I didn’t need to call.

Sure. No problem.

So that brings me to this past weekend. I’m in the grocery store with the husband doing the weekly chores when my cell phone rings. The neighbor is calling to remind me that the Ellie-May party would be that afternoon. I can come if I want, but no pressure. No need to call if I decide not to. She just wanted to remind me.


So, I tell the husband about it. The problem I have with home parties is that I always feel obligated to buy something whether I want it or not. And then there’s that socializing thing. I have to sit around with a bunch of folks I don’t really know and make conversation. I don’t know if they are cool with my odd way of saying what I’m thinking, so I tend to sit in the corner and smile like the village idiot.  And then do something ridiculous.  You know, kinda like this…

And then there is the Ellie-May thing. I’m not a fan of the makeup. I’m more a Wal-Mart kind of girl. Just sayin’.  The husband tells me to just call her back and tell her that I have errands to run and will not be able to make it. But thanks so much for the invite!

So that is what I do.

Have you ever experienced the “butt call” phenomenon? That is when someone owns a cell phone with automatic dialed numbers programmed in and unknown to them, their butt decides to call you from the cell phone in their back pocket.

Yep, my neighbor’s butt called me back.

The thing about butt calls is that while the butt is happy to call you, it never holds up it’s end of the conversation. BUT, you can certainly hear the conversation that is going on around it. And the conversation around my neighbor’s butt was making my ears burn.

“She said she cannot come now!”

“Oh that’s just great! Another last-minute back-out!”

“That means nobody is coming!”

“That’s a total bunch of crap!”

I softly hung up the phone. No sense in having a conversation with the neighbor’s butt.  Apparently, it was mad at me anyway. Sigh.


*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

So…would you have rather had that tutorial? Be sure to check out my tutorial page for a large selection of craftiness!