Greased Lightning for cleaning those mysterious spots!

I have dogs and I have off-white berber carpet.  The two really don’t mix.  Luckily for my buddy Faith here, the nice folks at Greased Lightning sent me a sample of their new super strength cleaner.

Greased Lightning® works fast on practically everything in and around the house and offers superior cleaning and stain-fighting in a flash. The super strength formula tackles tough set in stains, but is versatile enough to be used for everyday, not so tough task cleaning. Inside and out, Greased Lightning makes your entire home sparkle.

And it made short work of this mysterious stain that Faith says she knows nothing about.

As the folks at Greased Lightning say, “Greased Lightning® Multi-Purpose Cleaner cleans practically anything. Well, within reason. Big mess around the house? Can do. Unfortunate Facebook posts? Not so much. Wipes out dirt, grease and grime in a flash! As for husbands not quite meeting expectations? We’re working on it!”

Check here for their latest coupon!  Greased Lightning is rolling out in grocery retailers nationwide right now – it’s got a great Spring Rain scent, for those that prefer a perfume smell to the “clean” smell of the Super Strength.

Be prepared for that next mysterious spot!

This post was sponsored by Greased Lightning.  All opinions were 100% mine.