Creating Mosaics the easy way!

Creating Mosaics using glass pieces can be difficult.  But I found a great stick on adhesive, and using broken dollar store plates, I was able to revive a boring lazy susan! Want to know how?

how to make mosaics the easy way

At your local home store, you can find ceramic adhesive that is similar to double stick tape.  You peel off the back layer, press it down, and then peel off the top layer to add your tiles, effectively eliminating the need for tile glue.  No more waiting for glue to dry!  You can tile and grout in the same day!

So I decided to create a mosaic project to try out this new product.

For this project I used:

A wooden Lazy Susan from the thrift store
A bunch of colorful plates from the Dollar Store
BONDERA 16-in Countertop Tile Mat Set 
Sandless Grout

how to create mosaics the easy way

 I went to the Dollar Store and bought some colorful plates.  I’m frankly too cheap to buy mosaic tiles, so this is my thrifty solution.  It was simple enough to wrap them in a towel and hammer them to death, creating great little pieces of colorful tile.

Sitcom 2 step option

how to create mosaics the easy way

Just be sure to wear protective eye wear and keep curious pets and children away.  In the end, I have enough tile for several other projects.

Now let’s get started!

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