Try out the Toms of Maine Good First App on Facebook!

This post brought to you by Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

The nice folks at Tom’s of Main directed me to their new app called Good First.  Tom’s of Maine Good First application on Facebook is basically a way to share your passions with your friends, by answering the question, “What did you put first today that made you feel especially good?”

You choose from the following five general topics that reflect Tom’s of Maine’s core belief in healthy, human and environmental goodness.

1.- Helping People- Helping other people throughout your life can only bring joy.  I know that I particularly enjoy teaching art and other crafty techniques.  But each of us has a talent to share.  What talent do you share?

2.  Helping Animals- If you are a regular reader of The Sitcom, I’m sure you are aware of how much we adore our live-in animals.  All of our dogs are rescue dogs, a few of them rescued right off of death row.  There is nothing as pure as the love of an animal.  Consider adopting your next pet.  There are so many out there without loving homes.  I would take them all in if I could.  Truly.

3.  Healthy Eating- Vital for our health and well-being, healthy food is a necessity.  I know that I try to limit my diet to the healthiest foods as I am trying to lose weight.  To keep the body fit, and the mind clear, a good mix of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy are always a good choice.  And certainly another way to help you feel better inside and out.

4.  Healthy Living– Keeping exercise of one form or another in your routine is not only good for your body, but will keep your moods at an even keel.  I am trying my best to work exercise back into my life.  Maybe even do a marathon or two!  I’m nearly fifty years old, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to act a bit younger.

5..Caring for Mother Earth– Replanting trees, recycling, upcycling, picking up trash; these things can all help in the environment around you.  There is nothing nicer than a hike on a beautiful sunny day.  Let’s all work together to keep this beautiful world in the condition that we would want for our children and our children’s children.

Wonderful things to think about, aren’t they?

You choose your topic, and your answer is then shared on your timeline and you are rewarded with a corresponding badge of honor.  Good First then shows you which friends share your passion for the topic that you selected!  It is a great way to start conversations about these important subjects and maybe learn something about your friends that you didn’t know.

After you check out all your friend matches, you can click to receive a FREE sample of Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry antiperspirant for women.  Which is actually an awesome gift.  Their antiperspirant stick is made entirely from ingredients derived from nature! Their antiperspirant is aluminum free and uses the botanical ingredient hops to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria.

So what good things do you do each day to make a difference?

 Be sure to share at: Tom’s of Maine Good First application on Facebook, or Tom’s of Maine on Twitter, or even Tom’s of Maine on Pinterest!