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No nonsense leggings

I have to admit that I am totally not a fashion forward individual. My idea of high fashion involves a plastic hair clip and my good Sponge-Bob t-shirt.


So when the nice folks at No nonsense asked me to talk about their new No nonsense tights and leggings, I went to my fashion-forward daughter. And she rolled her eyes and patiently explained to me why a few colorful pairs of tights and leggings in your wardrobe are very important.

No nonsense leggings

She and her half-sister volunteered to show me what you can do with a nice pair of tights or leggings. My daughter matched her black tights with a casual grey overtop and a bright blue undershirt for a comfortable, but classy look. Her sister paired a white sweater and black belt with the bright red cordoroy leggings. A simple, nice style that looks great anywhere.

Seems that you can take an old oufit and make it new and exciting by adding colored tights or leggings. No nonsense enables you to update or change out any look simply by adding a colorful pair of stylish and affordable legwear. Like lipstick, tights can do a lot to lift your mood and update your wardrobe.

Recently, No nonsense has teamed up with Jill Martin, a fashion expert and popular television personality. She will be assisting No Nonsense this fall educating women on how to wear their new colorful and high-impact tights and leggings. No Nonsense leggings and tights not only look fabulous with your outfits, creating much color and variety, but they are also affordable and can be purchased at your food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores. It has never been easier to become fashion forward.

No nonsense leggings

Want to win a pair of tights and a pair of leggings?

Just leave a comment below!  Let me know what you love most about tights and leggings.  Is it the fact that they are so comfortable and easy to wear?  Or maybe they spice up certain outfits?

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Edited Oct. 10: The winner of the No nonsense Leggings and Tights is Katy Levin!  Congratulations, Katy!

No nonsense leggings