Halloween Cat Fun!

With a house full of dogs, you would think I would know little about cats, their habits and their kitty litter issues.  But you might be surprised!  While a cat would probably not feel quite at home at my house, I do have plenty of relatives that have them.  Then again, more than likely a cat at my house would have all my brave dogs cowering in the corner.  Since, I don’t want them to feel less than dog-ly, I am sparing them the trauma.  Ha!


Anyway, after a recent cat/dog sitting week at my daughter’s house while she was on vacation, I discovered that taking care of a cat was not nearly as difficult as I thought.  Well, other than that creepy cat eyeball look that he was inclined to send my way…

5 halloween cat crafts

So in honor of all those creepy cats out there, I found some great Cat Halloween Craft Tutorials and recipes for you to enjoy!

 Cat and Pumpkin FREE Printable by Chemical Nine

 Halloween Black Cat Cookies by Lick the Bowl Good

 Quick Halloween Centerpiece by Better Homes and Gardens

 Grumpy Cat Pumpkin by The Swell Life

 Halloween Cat Snack Cakes by Hungry Happenings

Inspired!  I just love Halloween decorations, and the less scary, the better.

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