Santa Rake Door Greeter- Featured on!

What happens when I stumble upon a flea market find of rusty rake heads?  Well, you just might be surprised!  After staring at them a bit, I suddenly saw Santa whiskers and it was all down hill from there!  A Santa Rake Door Greeter was just asking to be made!

diy santa rake door greeter christmas decoration

 Want to know how to make this simple project?  Just check out!

When they asked me to be a guest contributor at, I was thrilled!  I love it when I can sprawl out in someone else’s living room, take my shoes off, watch reality TV, eat Doritos and not have to cook.  I even packed my latest National Enquirer, because you certainly can’t travel without being informed now can you?

Imagine my dismay when I found out that they just meant “contribute a tutorial”.  I guess this means that I need to cancel that limo that I rented.  Sigh…

Be sure to check out my tutorial at!  Your holiday door totally needs a Rake Santa!

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