Will your dog do most anything for a treat?

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Ever wonder what your dogs are doing when you aren’t at home?  I will be in the middle of my work day and it will suddenly occur to me that maybe I should check on them.  Too bad about the lack of opposable thumb thing, or I’d get them an iPhone and text them.  Of course, not having an iPhone may be a good thing.  Otherwise I’d get repeated phone calls from Faith informing me that Ralph is hogging the pillow.  I imagine that they are busy doing their favorite thing.  Napping.

dog staring

Or maybe Ralph is watching the back door for his nemesis, the squirrel…

ralph squirrel

Of course the squirrel brings all that on himself…

Maybe Ralph is checking out the fridge for a nice snack…

dog in the refrigerator

Or on my computer looking at dog pictures…

dog on the computer

Hmmm….or maybe he is feeling treat deprived and he is borrowing the car…

dog driving the car

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’d better go home and check.  That car has a stick shift and I’m not sure he knows how to back it out of the driveway!

But seriously, if Ralph could drive, I’m betting he would make his way to Walmart and pick up some of those new Beggin’® Party Poppers™ from Purina®. New Party Poppers™ are not only wrapped cheese flavored cubes that smell like bacon.  You can actually use the pig shaped container to send the treat flying in the air!  Just load a treat on the Party Poppers™ pig nose, push it down, wait, and then watch it fly.

happy dogs for alpo

I brought some home this past week and we had a tons of laughs watching the dogs duck as the treats flew through the air.  LOL!  You see, my dogs don’t understand that “catch the treat in the air thing”.  But after it bounces on the ground a few times, they were happy to go eat it!  BACON!

waiting for a dog treat

Will your dog do most anything for a treat? With Beggin’® Party Poppers™ from Purina® every dog can be a #BegginPopStarPups!  And there are even prizes involved!  Interested?

 photo BegginPopStarPups_zpsd817b110.jpg

Join the #BegginPopStarPups Twitter Party!

• Date: 04/16/2014

• Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

• Host/CoHost: @tammileetips / @moderndaymoms

• Prizes: (4) Purina gift baskets, (5) $100 Walmart gift cards, (1) $350 grand prize Walmart gift card.

• Hashtag: #BegginPopStarPups

• Must attend party to win, winners announced through out party.

Need some Twitter Party hints?  Check out:  http://bit.ly/18onQgl for hints for first time party goers!