Need a new routine? Piccadilly and carrot soufflé to the rescue!

This post brought to you by Piccadilly Restaurants. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I like a routine. We spend every Friday night doing the same thing. We go out to eat at our favorite restaurant and then go to the mall to do some people watching while drinking coffee.

people watching with coffee

Since this particular mall has a rule of no un-escorted teens after 6:00 PM, they have positioned mall cops all over in order to enforce it. This is quite entertaining to us.

Yep, I know we need to get a life.

Anyway…the same two mall cops guard the section in front of the coffee shop. We call them Andy and Barney. Andy is cool, calm and collected. He nicely informs the teens of the rules and is quite good at calming down an irate situation.

Barney on the other hand, is a tall very thin guy brimming with pent up energy. He bounces from one side of the walkway to the other and seems very put out that most of the “action” usually happens on Andy’s side. (And we are sure that Andy makes him keep his bullet in his pocket).

This past Friday started out as most Fridays. We went to our restaurant and ordered our usual. The waitress let us know that the restaurant will be closing for good next week. The owner is retiring. WHAT? How can she retire? What will we do?

While eating what we consider to be one of our last good meals, we discussed what in the heck we were going to do after next week. We will be having the “Where do you want to go?” conversation every week! I don’t think I can handle the stress.  To top it off, after dinner we went to the mall and noticed our routine there was changing too. We could still see Andy, but where was Barney? Andy was working it with a new guy. A non-discript new guy.

Oh my.

Fortunately, we found a great restaurant to replace our old eating place.  Ever heard of Piccadilly Restaurants? They are a favorite in the south, serving homestyle comfort food like fried chicken, carrot soufflé and some awesome desserts.

Salad 4 photo 0267f672-1519-4022-a8cd-e1b7cccdb694_zps55bd1ca0.png

And I can stay on my diet there too!  Piccadilly Cafeteria now has a Homestyle Veggie Plate.  You can fill up on your favorites like fried okra, carrot soufflé or grilled veggies. Pick three sides and add your choice of freshly baked bread, for just $5.49.   And did I mention the carrot soufflé?

Salad 2 photo 9fbbdbf9-4cee-4e1e-9317-6fc3b6694cb2_zps4875a012.png

Awesome.  Not only do we get to save money, but I have a great excuse to go eat a bunch of their carrot soufflé.  Let me just add that it is amazing.  And we will have plenty of money left over for some mall coffee and people-watching entertainment!

Now if only our buddy Barney comes back…

Be sure to check out all of Piccadilly’s menu of sides!

What is your favorite Piccadilly side?  In case you didn’t know, mine is carrot soufflé…