Vintage Crochet Ripple Fan Scarf- How to block and finish a crochet project!

A few weeks ago I shared with you my latest project, a Vintage Crochet Ripple Scarf pattern.  It was in progress at the time, and it is now complete.  I want to take some time to show you how to finish off and weave in loose ends, and how to block a crochet project.

vintage ripple scarf crochet pattern

Model: Stephanie Potts; Photographer: Natalie Potts

This project came together quickly and was really fun to make.  I love the vintage crochet stitches in this pattern.  Each row went fast and the process of changing colors kept the project interesting.  The end result was a beautiful scarf that is just perfect for the weather this time of year.  If you would like to have the free downloadable pdf pattern, be sure to see my original post – Vintage Crochet Ripple Scarf.   

lush giveaway and how to block crochet4

So, that changing color thing.  While it makes the project interesting, it sure creates a lot of loose ends!  Everywhere you tie off one color and start another, you end up with ends.  To finish off this project, we need to weave those ends into the scarf.  This can be a mind-numbing task if you leave them all until you are finished with the scarf like I did.

Some smarter folks might have woven them in as they went.  But this is kind of how I roll.

lush giveaway and how to block crochet

Weaving in loose ends in crochet

Use a tapestry needle for this task.  A tapestry needle has a larger eye to accommodate the yarn and a blunt end rather than a sharp needle-like end.  Begin by threading one of the loose ends onto the needle.  Then insert the needle underneath the stitches in the last row or round for several inches. Take a small stitch around the last stitch woven under, and weave the tail back in the opposite direction under the same stitches.

Weaving in at least two directions will significantly reduce the chances that the yarn ends will work loose when the piece is used and washed.

lush giveaway and how to block crochet

Here you can see that the green end has been woven into the project, making it virtually invisible.

Yep, I know it is annoying.  When I get to the point of finishing a project, I really am wanting to be done with it.  It is tempting to cut corners, but in the end after all the work I put into it, I know that I will be happier if I actually take the time to finish it right.

lush giveaway and how to block crochet

Blocking a Crochet Project

Here you see the project after I finished weaving in all the ends.  You could stop at this point and call it a day, but blocking a crochet pattern takes very little time and results in showing off the beautiful crochet stitches.  So let’s take a little time and block it.

  • Wet the entire project in cold water, being sure to saturate the yarn.  (It is important to use cold water to avoid running of colors).
  • Lay the wet project on a fluffy towel and roll it up into the towel.  Press as much of the water as you can into the towel.  Generally, I will lay the towel covered project on the floor and step on the towel so that it will soak up as much water as it can.

lush giveaway and how to block crochet

  • Lay a couple dry towels out onto the carpet and lay the project out to dry.  It is at this point that you stretch the project out to the correct proportions.  While the fibers are wet, they are very pliable.  If you position the project the way you want it, once dry, the fibers will stay in place.  You can see the difference in the two photos above.

lush giveaway and how to block crochet

In order to get clean points on my ripples, I used pins to pin the project to the carpet until it dried.  Once dry, remove the pins and the project will stay in the position that it had dried, showing off all the crocheted rippled fans.

vintage ripple scarf crochet pattern

Model: Stephanie Potts; Photographer: Natalie Potts

The resulting scarf is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe and perfect for a cold winter day!

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