Chocolate Tuxedo Snack Cups and M&M’S®

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The Oscars are this weekend, and M&M’S® is commemorating the biggest night in Hollywood by debuting a commercial on national TV that shows M&M’S characters invading the movies.

I just love watching the Oscars, and I really love the cute M&M characters, so it is going to be a fun night of television watching at the Sitcom house.  In honor of the event, I created Chocolate Tuxedo Snack Cups full of M&M’s. Because an M&M in a tuxedo is pretty darn awesome.  Right? chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

You know, I live in a house full of guys, so Oscar night is totally not the event of their dreams.  They love watching detective shows all night, every night.  I call it, “All murder, all the time”.  Every now and then I grab the remote and commandeer the television for a night.  And Oscar night this week is the night that I take over the TV room.  I love seeing what everyone is wearing, I love seeing their reactions to the awards, and I love checking out the top movies of the year.

So how to get the guys interested?  Well how about some fun snacks that they can’t turn down?  They love M&M candies and I found a fun way to incorporate them into the award show celebration!  With their colorful candy shells and delicious flavors, M&M’S make any special occasion sweeter. So let’s put them in a chocolate cup with a tuxedo.

I think we have a winner here! Want to know how to make them?

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

Did you know that M&M’S® Crispy were brought back by popular demand?  They returned to shelves in January 2015. M&M’s Crispy feature a delectable, crispy center covered in rich, creamy milk chocolate, enclosed in a colorful candy shell. This crispy and delicious treat comes in a new bright green bag. I also loaded up on M&M’S® Peanut and classic M&M’S® Milk Chocolate candies.

So in preparation for the big event, let’s stop and get a few words from Red and his Red carpet tip#1: Always travel with an entourage…

So you ready to make up some fun Chocolate Tuxedo Snack Cups?

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

For this project I used:

Melting chocolate in dark chocolate and white chocolate
Wilton White Ruffle Baking Cups
Wilton Black Icing Tube
Paint brushes
M&M’S® candies

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

Begin by melting a small block of the white melting chocolate in a bowl in the microwave.  Set the microwave on high and melt for about 60 seconds.  Stir and add a few more seconds if it has not melted to painting consistency.  Use a paintbrush to paint a V-shaped section into each of your paper baking cups.  Make sure that you have a nice thick, even coating in each cup.  Allow it to dry.  (About 10 minutes).

While we are waiting, let’s check in with Red!  Red’s Red Carpet Tip #2 – Lips

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

Melt a few blocks of the dark chocolate in the microwave following the same instructions as with the white chocolate.  Pour about enough of the chocolate into one of the cups so that you have about 1/4″ thick layer at the bottom.  Use your paint brush to brush the chocolate up onto the sides of the cup.  Allow it to dry. Once dry, add another layer or two of chocolate to the sides with your paint brush to thicken them.  You want about a 1/4″ at the bottom and at least 1/8″ on the sides in order for the cup to be sturdy.

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

Once totally dry, carefully peel the paper cup off of the chocolate cup.

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

Here they are all lined up waiting for their bow ties!

Red’s Red Carpet Tip #3 – Spray Tan

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

Use the black icing tube to pipe on a bowtie and some buttons.  Cute!!

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

All lined up and ready for their M&M’S® candies! chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

I added a bit of each flavor for some fun variety and set them out for the guys to see.

chocolate tuxedo cups M&M snacks

Of course, they can only eat them if they sit down with me to watch the Oscars.  By their reaction, I don’t think that will be an issue.  Create some fun “dressed up” candy cups with M&M’s and join me for an awesome night of beautiful dresses, interesting speeches, and movie highlights at the Oscars.

What are your favorite awards show tips, snacks or traditions featuring M&M’s?

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