Free Pot Scrubby Crochet Pattern!

It’s time to think about unique gift ideas, and homemade gifts are the best!  You see, about a month ago, I asked my readers what they would love to see in the future on the Sitcom.  And I had so many wonderful suggestions.  This week, I am creating one of those suggestions!  Vicki said:

The one thing I am trying to learn to crochet again to make IF I ever locate instructions is for a scrubby pad. My husband’s grandmother made them to give to all the women each year at Thanksgiving but I never thought to ask if she would write down how she made them exactly and now she’s gone sadly.

Well, you know I love a challenge.

dish scrub crochet pattern

I’m not sure if these are exactly how Vicki remembers them, but these are my version of crocheted pot scrubbies made from nylon netting.

They make fabulous handmade gifts!  I plan on adding them to gift bags along with measuring spoons, cooking utensils, pot holders and a recipe book.

Want to know how to make them?

dish scrub crochet pattern

For this project I used:

1/2 yard of nylon netting per scrubby
Size G crochet hook

Begin by cutting the netting into 1″ strips.  Since the netting was a bit difficult to work with, I used a ruler to judge the one inch mark and then cut it into strips that were approximately 1″ wide.

Now we are ready to start crocheting!

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