Easy DIY Mouse Trap Clips

Do you ever get inspiration from strange places?  I mean other than Pinterest?  Places like the dollar store, grocery store and even Home Depot are full of great inspiration.  And oddly enough, even a simple mousetrap can become a tiny work of art…

easy diy mousetrap clips

So I was perusing the dollar store the other day and ran across the mouse traps.  After staring at them a bit, I threw a pack into my cart and was met by my husband’s questioning stare.

“Crafts”, I said.

He shrugged and moved on.  Yep, my husband has gotten used to my weird way of thinking.

Most folks look at these little wooden traps of springing metal and think “dead mouse”.  

I, on the other hand, think “cool looking refrigerator clip!” I guess that is the difference between us crafters and mere mortals.  Ha!

easy diy mousetrap clips

So I printed out some fun clip art images, gathered up some scrapbooking embellishments and created fun magnetic refrigerator clips to hold my receipts, keys, notes and more!

Want to know how to make these fun clips?

easy diy mousetrap clips

For this project I used:

Four wooden mouse traps
Acrylic paint in bright colors
Clip art, duplicated six times
Thin sheet of cardboard
Matte Mod Podge
White glue
Various scrapbooking embellishments

easy diy mousetrap clips

Begin by taking the mousetraps apart, removing everything but the big metal spring.

Choose four bright colors and paint the wood of each mouse trap.

It may take about three coats of acrylic paint to cover up all the wording on the traps.

Now it is time to decorate them!

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