7 Unique Fall Craft Ideas!

It is time to start crafting for the fall.  Leaves are starting to drop and nights are getting chilly. I put together 7 unique fall craft ideas that can only be found on Suzys Sitcom.

Over the years, I have featured lots of Fall themed craft projects that are not only unique, but fun to make. Here are seven of my favorites, in one easy place.  Take some time to look through them and pick out a fun project to take on this fall!

How to make Cinnamon Ornaments

Learn how to make wonderfully scented Cinnamon Ornaments with a few simple ingredients! These beautifully scented ornaments are perfect for hanging on the tree or adding to a rustic centerpiece, and they make your home smell like Fall!  For the full instructions, GO HERE!

Easy to make Fall Leaf Dish

Create a beautiful easy to make fall leaf dish! This polymer clay project uses a simple technique with pigment powders to create the look of fresh fall leaves. A simple way to add fall color to your home.  For the full instructions, GO HERE!

Scented Tealights made with Oranges

scented tea lights made with oranges

I’ve never been a huge fan of scary Halloween decorations.  Orange isn’t my favorite color and being scared isn’t my favorite thing.  So, I tend to decorate with fall themed items rather than going the scary-witchy route.  But I really do love the smell of citrus and allspice.  So I found a way to combine the Halloween “scary-ness” with the natural scents of oranges and spice.  For the instructions for this project, GO HERE!

Make a Pinecone and Sunflower Wreath

Make a beautiful fall wreath with the help of nature. This is how to make a beautiful wreath with pinecones and silk sunflowers. This easy craft project takes just a few hours and the result is an amazing wreath that will spice up your Fall decor!  GO Here for the instructions!

Make a Fun Halloween Wreath

halloween wreath recycled diy melvin the mummy

How about something colorful for your door?  I created a cute Halloween DIY Mummy Wreath using recycled paper towel tubes and a gourd.  My new mummy’s name is Monty.  Want to know how to make him and his wreath?  Go here for the instructions!

How to make Felted Acorns

Winter in New York can be pretty tough. The squirrels are very aware of that. By this time of year, all that is left of the Fall acorns are just the caps. What a great opportunity to create from nature! I had a bit of wool roving available and decided to use this opportunity to add a bit of color to my home with Wool Felted Acorns!  For the instructions for this project, GO HERE!

Easy to make Fall Leaf Soaps

You will be surprised at how easy these are to make!  Tuck a few of them in a ziplock bag and store them in your purse, and you have a little single use soap the next time you need one!  These not only make great gifts, but who wouldn’t want a little fall color in your purse?  Go Here for the instructions!

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