Top Ten Posts of 2011!

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a fabulous holiday!

As for the Sitcom, well we went through a few major changes in the past couple of weeks.  I hope you like my new look.  There will still be a few tweaks and changes over the next couple of weeks, but the majority of the change-over is complete.  Let me know what you think!

So, I wanted to start the new year off with a review of ten of my most popular posts from 2011.  I have divided it into the top five tutorials, and the top five humor posts.  So sit back and check out some of the happenings from last year!

Top Five Tutorials

5.  Summer Jewels Quilt Pattern Series– I teamed up with my friend Patricia from Discount Sewing Supply to present to you a simple quilting tutorial using pre-cut strip fabric called Jelly Rolls.  This was a four-week series that not only gave you simple instructions a beginner could follow, but a cool, free pattern to go along with it! I hope that lots of folks were inspired to try out quilting this year.

4.  Making Batik with Crayons– Using an idea from one of my vintage magazines, I show you how to create a unique batik look with fabric and crayons.  A simple project with fabulous results!

3. Faux Stained Glass– Always a fan of anything faux, especially if it saves a ton of money, I show you how to create faux stained glass using school glue and acrylic paints.

2. Popsicle Stick Bracelets– This is another craft that I found in one of my vintage craft magaines. An easy way to bend a popsicle stick into a fabulous bracelet. This project was a huge hit with moms this summer. A great craft for the kids!

1. Faux Metal Wall Art– This project has been number one all year long, so no surprise here. This wall art is created from recycled toilet paper tubes! A simple tutorial, using a quilling technique and a ton of toilet paper tubes creates some amazing faux metal art.

Top Five Humor Posts

5.  Random Wanderings– A girl-trip to the mountains.  Who knew that a bunch of women on their own could get into so much trouble?  The folks in that small Tennessee town are probably still talking about us.

4.  15 Things We Learned at the Family Reunion– What happens when you get the whole family together in one place?  We eat too much, we play too hard, and someone winds up in the wrong bed.  Seriously.

3. For All of Us “Skinny Wannabees” –  I wake up after falling asleep on the couch to a very convincing infomercial.  So convincing, in fact, that in my state of half-asleepness, I go on their website and give them my email address and phone number.  And it all goes down-hill from there.

2. Random Tuesday- Wifi Wars– I had no idea that belonging to the “wifi club” involved a secret handshake, knowledge of ridiculously fancy-named forms of caffeine, and a whole bunch of strategy.

1. 14 Thoughts on Extreme Couponing– This post drummed up the most controversy out of all my posts last year.  A subject that folks seem to have a strong opinion about, one way or the other.  This is my take on the reality show, Extreme Couponing.

The year 2011 was a great year for the Sitcom, and I am working toward an even more successful 2012, so please stay tuned!

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  • Shirley January 3, 2012, 2:24 am

    What is this stripe down the middle of your blog showing facebook, tweet, reddit, etc,? I don’t have any of those things, just email. Because of it I can’t enjoy your blog. HELP!!!

    • Suzy January 3, 2012, 4:14 am

      Hi Shirley!

      You can subscribe by email! Look at the right hand column, about half way down. I recently moved everything to wordpress and I’m still working out bugs, so please let me know if it doesn’t work. I’ll move it to where it is a bit more obvious. You say there is a stripe down the middle of the blog with facebook, etc. It’s on the left hand side, right? Let me know if it is showing up where it shouldn’t. I’d hate for it to be covering up things.

      Thanks so much for letting me know!!


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