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My husband and I are creatures of habit. We have our established routines. We both have odd hobbies in common such as looking at houses even when we aren’t buying, and of course, people watching. They say there is someone for everyone and oddly enough, he likes doing the same things that I do. Who’d have thought it?

Every Friday is date night and we go out for dinner.  And then we go to the mall for some Starbucks coffee and some people watching. People watching is an art that my husband and I have perfected over the years. We have practiced the skill of watching but not appearing to stare, of commenting to each other with glances and nudges. People watching is like bird watching; there are so many different colors, shapes, sizes of folks. So many interesting choices of plumage. So many things to catch the eye!

The entertainment abounds at the mall. There are the women and teenage girls that insist on dressing up to shop. Well, maybe not shop so much as to be seen shopping. Let’s call them the Tasmanian Red-tailed Hoochie-shoe. This species likes to wear short, tight skirts or jeans and heels that are so high that one wobble one way or the other could result in imminent death or in the very least, a nose bleed. They can be seen perusing the purses in the center aisle of the mall or flittering about the food court, showing their plumage to the best of their ability while pretending to be interested in the latest fashion trend in wallets.

The Tasmanian Red-tailed Hoochie-shoe is in truth, keeping their eye out for the Blue-crowned Bling-breasted Cool Dudes. These are the young guys with the droopy pants and the eye catching undies hanging out the back. There to impress, they swoop in and out of the mall, trying to look uninterested.

Of course we are impressed. Who wouldn’t be?

A storefront mannequin of the Blue-Crowned Bling-Breasted Cool Dude. This one is sans undies and frankly has all his “Ken parts” showing. I was a bit appalled.

The moms with the Hummer-like strollers are quite common in the mall even on a Friday night. These would be the Chestnut-winged Chariot-Pushers. They usually arrive in flocks of three or more and shop together with their children in tow, some entrapped in the swiss-army knife of a baby carriage and some led around with child-leashes behind them.

The carriage alone is a sight to behold. The size of a volkswagen, they have compartments for everything and hold much more than the child. Drinks, snacks, purses, packages, small TV’s, satellite dishes, jacuzzis. Who knows what all is in there? I’m not even sure how they find the child.

The common Chestnut-winged chariot-pusher is not necessarily here to be seen, so much as to be heard. You can hear their call for miles. “No! Don’t touch!” “Don’t touch!”

Finally, there are the Yellow-crested Standing Pea-cops. These are the unfortunate species meant to help supervise the wild creatures that descend upon the mall. These are the mall cops. We watch them with amusement because their main job on Friday nights is to check IDs. You see, no-one under the age of 18 is allowed in our mall unescorted by a parent after 6:00 PM. Apparently, there was trouble and the teenagers were evicted.

This really and truly cut down on the variety of people watching offered by the mall, but in place, gave us something to watch as the new rules are constantly being enforced and re-enforced.

Last Friday, after several hours of people watching, my husband and I were about to leave when I decided to gently harrass the mall cop positioned at the top of the escalator. I smiled pleasantly at him and told him that I understood why he hadn’t asked for my ID. I pointed to my husband and said, “You must have assumed he was my father.”

He laughed and told me that he would have asked, but I looked like I was properly escorted. I think the Yellow-crested Standing Pea-cop is now my favorite of them all. Flattery will totally get you everywhere.

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  • Teddie Seeley October 12, 2012, 7:19 am

    You do know how to make us laugh.
    Do you ever wonder what people are thinking, of you and your husband when you are at the mall?

    • Suzy October 14, 2012, 2:49 pm

      Yep. I believe we are the species called the “Southern Blue Tailed Looky-Loos” 🙂

  • brandi October 11, 2012, 4:44 pm

    I am laughing out loud like Snoopy over here. I am so glad you are at THE MALL to tell me all about it, Mz. Sitcom, cuz I gotz to tellz youz that I HATE THE MALL!!! The native wildlife scares me near to death. I only tolerate WalMart because I have to. But I can tell you that I have left that evil place with a skull splitting headache and high blood pressure buggy eyes with drool coming out of the corners of my mouth when the fledglings, hatchlings, younglings, pups, kits, fry and nestlings are all screaming screaming screaming SCREAMING SCREAMING SCREAMING at the top of their lungs and no one has the nerve to beat them to a bloody pulp like back in my day. If you aren’t going to whoop them asses, at least EAT YOUR YOUNG like DECENT parents!!!!
    I would rather be fighting off scorpions and ravenous petting zoo animals than to fight my way out of the wilds of THE MALL.
    I pee’d myself a little, I’z so eskared….

  • Joyous Brentt October 11, 2012, 2:21 am

    You two are a perfect couple. I love your life.

  • Brenda Williams October 10, 2012, 11:42 pm

    You make me laugh. Loved this post!

  • Joyce Fisher October 10, 2012, 8:17 am

    Hi Suzy,
    By the way, I shared your story today on my Facebook page because I know that my friends & family like to people-watch too, so they’ll get a kick out of your story. I’m going to head over to my blog and add you to “Blogs I Follow”. (My blog is brand-new! I just started October 1st.) I just wish I had your way with words!!!
    Peace, Love & Joy,

  • Joyce Fisher October 10, 2012, 8:12 am

    Ha ha ha!!! Oh Suzy, you make me laugh all the time!!! You are just too funny! I love the species names you gave each of the characters in the mall. You were spot-on. I so enjoy your blog.
    Peace, Love & Joy,

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