Easy to make DIY Purse Organizer!

by Susan Myers on April 15, 2014

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I had gone to Walmart the other day with the hubby in tow to pick up a few things.  Unfortunately, when I get in the craft section, a few things quickly becomes a lot of things.  I mean, how can you pass up a sale on yarn and wooden frames?  Some things just have to be purchased.  So I ended up with full arms and had to ask the hubby to hold my purse.

You would have thought that I asked him to hold a rabid ferret.  Truth be known, he rather walk across a snake ridden dessert in his bare feet than touch the contents of my purse.  It’s the fear of accidentally touching a feminine product (if you know what I mean).  That and the fact that my purse weighed about half a ton.  (All the better to smack a mugger with, I always say).

So… I figure it might be time to do a bit of organizing.  I grabbed some fabric and a cardboard box and created my own DIY Purse Organizer.  Want to know how?

diy purse organizer

Pretty cool, right?  Well lets take a look at what we started with…

diy purse organizer

Ummm… yeah, it wasn’t pretty.  I had things in my purse that I forgot I owned.  In fact, I was wondering where that hot glue gun went!  And the bottle of paint?  I vaguely remember touching up a project on the go.  Not sure where the brush went…

The wallet?  Well it was empty.  Money has a way of just ending up in the bottom of my purse with a dog-eared protein bar and my personal supply of U by Kotex.  And there is my ring!  I had to have it cut off when I broke my finger falling out of a RV.  Totally another story for another time…

Anyway, let’s get this purse organized!

DIY purse organizer

For this project I used:

One small cardboard box (that will fit inside the purse)
Less than a quarter yard of two different fabrics

DIY purse organizer

Start by breaking down the box.  You want to use one of the sides of the box for the bottom of the organizer.  Cut the cardboard to fit nicely inside your purse.

DIY purse organizerDIY purse organizer

Use the cardboard piece as a template to cut two pieces of fabric (about an inch larger around than the cardboard).  Cut two 3 1/2″ wide strips from a contrasting fabric.  These strips need to be about 12″ longer than the width of your cardboard and will be used to create outside pockets.

DIY purse organizer

Working on the strips (or eventual pockets), fold your fabric over about a 1/4″ and sew a seam to finish the edge.  Do this on both of the long edges of each strip. This will create finished edges on the top and bottom of each strip.

DIY purse organizer

Next, pin the strips down with wrong side of strip facing the right side of one of the large pieces of fabric.  You want to leave about 1/4″ at the outside edge.  (The outside edges will become the top of the pockets).  Pin your strips allowing give for pockets, pinning where you want each pocket to start and end.  If helpful, use a pencil to draw a sewing line for each pocket edge.

DIY purse organizer

Sew vertically for each pocket edge.  See below.

DIY purse organizer

You should now have two strips sewn onto the main fabric with the pockets sewn vertically.

DIY purse organizer

Keep in mind that this will fold with the center becoming the bottom of the organizer.  So, your next seams will be the bottom of your pockets.  Sew along the bottom of the pockets, puckering the fabric at each seam.

DIY purse organizer

Place the other large piece of fabric over top of your creation- right sides together, and sew a 1/4″ seam around three sides, leaving one side edge open.  Trim any extra fabric and turn right-side out.

DIY purse organizer

Slide the cardboard into the open edge and baste the seam closed.

DIY purse organizer

The final touch is to fold the organizer into position and tack the top corners together with needle and thread in order to create a big pocket for you wallet, etc.

DIY purse organizer

Once full, your new organizer should slide right into your purse and make your life that much more organized!  Even the hubby was impressed.  He helped me sort through my pile of stuff and fill it up!  Of course he didn’t realize that those cool little purple packages are actually “feminine supplies”.  Can you imagine the look of horror on his face when he finds out he actually touched them?  LOL!

DIY purse organizer

Speaking of which, did you know that you can receive three free Goody hair elastics with your purchase of U by Kotex Sleek tampons or Cleanware pads at select Walmart stores while supplies last? Look for the boxes with the hair elastics attached.  Take advantage of Walmart’s everyday low prices! I don’t know about you, but my hair needs to be up in the summer.  And now that I have a cool organizer, I just might be able to find my hair elastics next time!

So what crazy thing would we find in your purse?

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1 Lucy Parker October 23, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Thank you so much for these instructions. I have been looking for 2 hours how to make these and this is by far the BEST!!! Is it possible to put a divider in the center of the middle compartment? If so, do you know how? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


2 jet April 17, 2014 at 11:11 am

Thank you for this tute, i have found out as well that when i buy a purse it never will work like i hoped to be.LOL
making your own is the best thing because it’s made of the fabric you like the most and have the good sized pockages.
but…. sometimes , i think why agian to sew a new one, it’s too easy to buy a new one and much cheaper.LOL
but you’re right it’s not working.
Nexst time i will rembember your article a nd your tute.
thank you for this remminder for the next time i must have a new one;-D
I whishing you a nice and fun easter time with your dear ones;-D


3 Natalie April 15, 2014 at 10:20 am

Love this! Nice pics and great instructions. Thank you!


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