Create beautiful art with recycled magazines!


Have a bunch of magazines laying around?  Here is a great way to put them to work and create beautiful art at the same time! This paper craft is not only colorful, but very easy to make!  I’ve even thrown in a couple free patterns to help you out! So gather up your old magazines and I’ll show you how to make this recycled craft!

art made from recycled magazines

About once a month, I meet with my mom, sister and whoever else wants to show up, to create a crafty project together. Each time we meet, a different person is in charge of the “mystery” project.  We are only told what supplies to bring and it is always exciting to see what the person in charge has in mind to do.

This past week, my sister was in charge and her idea, based upon a few things she had found on Pinterest, was this color recycled craft using old magazines and construction paper.

art made from recycled magazines

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For this project we used:

Old magazines
8″ x 10″  picture frames (you can find them at the dollar store!)
black and brown construction paper
glue sticks
craft blade
cutting mat

art made from recycled magazines

Take the frame apart.  You will be working with just the cardboard back of the frame.  Cut strips of colorful magazine pages about 2″ wide.  Fold them lengthwise and glue down with your glue stick as shown above.

Sitcom 2 step option

art made from recycled magazines

Glue them down with the folded edges approximately 1/4″ apart.

art made from recycled magazines

Try to use bright colored pages for the best contrast with your dark construction paper.

art made from recycled magazines

Use the craft knife to trim the edges of all the paper to match the edges of the picture frame back.

art made from recycled magazines

Click here for the next step and the free patterns!

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  • Audra @ Renewed Projects November 5, 2016, 11:28 am

    What a fun winter project! And a great way to add color to any room .

  • Lynda Hardy November 1, 2016, 11:47 am

    Oh I love this! The bright color under black really pops!

  • MPaula October 29, 2016, 3:39 pm

    I love articles that reuse stuff I already have, especially paper. I am constantly amazed at how much paper I accumulate – free magazines, flyers (glossy and matte), envelopes, solicitations, etc. I can put it in the recycle box but much better if I can use some of it.
    I discovered iris paper folding, in case you haven’t tried that yet, and there are lots of free patterns on the net. Some of those patterns might work for this project as well.
    Thanks Suzy.

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