Quilled Paisley Monogram Tutorial

paper quilled paisley monogram

Cut the white cardstock into 1/4″ strips. Create the paisley design using a quilling tool. I used basic quilling techniques on this project, consisting of loose spirals and loops.

Sitcom 2 step option

You can find my beginning quilling tutorial here. Using white glue, continue gluing down your quilled pattern, filling up the front of the monogram with a paisley design. This is a free-hand pattern and I made it up as I went.  Just go with what works for you.  Quilling is a beautiful paper art and can make anything look fabulous.

quilled paisley monogram

The finished piece looks almost lace-like and will make a wonderful piece of artwork for a mantel or table top. Total cost for this project was in the pennies as the box I used was 20 years old and total cardstock used was 2 1/2 sheets. Can’t beat that!

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