Recycled Crafts – Faux Tin Tiles from Disposable Cookie Sheets!

How to make beautiful faux tin tiles with just a disposable aluminum cookie sheet! 

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Recycled crafts are one of my specialties.  Embossing disposable cookie sheets is an easy technique and creates amazing art.  Beautiful faux tin tiles!

how to make faux tin tiles from cookie sheets

Want to know how?

This fun project is one of the most popular craft ideas on the Sitcom!  And that is saying a lot.  The Sitcom currently features over 200 fun craft tutorials!  

I’m always on the look out for interesting things to make out of the unexpected.  Disposable aluminum cookie sheets can be found at your local party supply store.

This simple embossing and paint technique turns a disposable pan into a work of art.

AND… this project comes with 12 free downloadable patterns!

faux tin tiles from disposable cookies sheets

Want to learn how to make this fun project?  And get the 12 free patterns? Click here!

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