Mother’s Day Crafts free eBook

All Free Holiday Crafts is now offering their latest free eBook, Mother’s Day Crafts!  I am honored to have one of my projects included.
mothers day crafts ebook

Mother’s Day is coming up, and if you are wanting to make something for mom, now is the time to start! Mom’s love handmade things, right?  So be sure to check out this free eBook offered by All Free Holiday Crafts.

mothers day bouquet

Included in the eBook are instructions to make my Vintage Flower Bouquet.  This little bouquet is made from seeds and cellophane, believe it or not.  The idea came from an old kit that had been handed down by my grandmother.  You can find the full tutorial and the backstory here.

The Vintage Flower Bouquet is just one project in the eBook, Mother’s Day Crafts: 9 Gift Ideas and Crafts for Mother’s Day.  You will find plenty of crafty inspiration for Mother’s Day gift-giving in this book. From handmade Mother’s Day cards to DIY decorations for Mother’s Day to handmade gifts for Mother’s Day; a great selection.

Be sure to check it out on All Free Holiday Crafts.  And while you are there, look around!  There are lots of other free eBooks offered there too.  A little something for everyone.

And Free is a good thing, right?