Werther’s Sugar-Free Candies for controlling that “food-eating frenzy”!

Werther’s Candies  asked me to write a review of their new Sugar-Free line of candies.  So after I tasted all four flavors, I have come to a few tasty conclusions…

Let me start this out by stating that I am a “professional dieter”.  I have literally been on a diet since I was a teenager.  That diet involves doing my best to eat healthy foods and making an honest attempt at getting this “blogger butt” under control.  Lately, I’ve been working out in the company gym during my lunch hour, and the additional exercise makes me extremely hungry by dinner time.

Case in point:

I went to Ladies Night Out with my sister and sister-in-law last week.  I had gone through everything in my lunch bag by 2:30 PM and was digging around in my purse looking for errant mints by five oclock. So by the time I got to the steak place that they had chosen, I was ready to eat everything in sight. I sat down at the table and right in front of me was a bucket full of peanuts.

suzy on a diet

My memory is a bit blurry after that, but somehow I ended up with a entire plate full of peanut shells before my grilled chicken salad showed up. “Grilled chicken”, you say, “there’s nothing wrong with that!”  Well, maybe if it wasn’t served on a plate the size of a turkey platter! Somewhere through my food-eating haze, I recall bacon bits, two kinds of cheese and croutons.

Sigh… I did get low fat Italian dressing. That’s one point for me, right?

In no time at all, there was nothing left of that salad but a memory. Both my sister and sister-in-law were careful not to get a hand too close for fear of losing it.

My point here?  

If I had some sugar-free Werther’s Candies in my purse to stave off my afternoon hunger, I would have better control of my eating at dinnertime!  Werther’s candies are only 8 calories a piece.  And they taste fabulous!  You would never know that you were eating something that was sugar free!

Werther’s Sugar Free Candies come in several awesome flavors, including the rich, creamy caramel Original Flavor, Caramel Apple, Caramel Cinnamon, and Caramel Coffee.  Werther’s uses the finest ingredients such as real butter and fresh cream and has been a popular favorite for years.  And now you can enjoy it in sugar-free form!  Perfect for Diabetics that are watching their sugar intake, or even “professional dieters” like me.

I have to tell you that I absolutely love this candy. It totally tastes like the original with no weird aftertaste.  I am now keeping a small stash in my purse for sweet-tooth emergencies and to help stave off that afternoon hunger in a healthy way.   

For more information about Werther’s Sugar Free Candies, be sure to check out their Facebook page!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.