11 Random Thoughts for Monday

What’s going on at the Sitcom? Well, lots of crafting, lots of writing, and of course lots of chaos to go along with that.  I am currently remodeling a bedroom for my Disney Paint post.  I am very excited to show it to you and the big reveal will be coming next week.  Be sure to stay tuned this Friday for one of the many craft projects from the Disney room!

So here is a random rundown of the latest goings on behind the scenes…

1.  Ever have one of those days when the normal amount of makeup is not enough and you have to double up on it in order to get from super scary status to just plain scary?  No?  Quit making me feel inadequate.  I don’t know if I slept on my face or what but frankly, I scared myself this morning.  

2.  Even the dogs are afraid.  Very afraid.  I’m thinking I might want to work on getting more beauty sleep.  Of course, the husband has to chime in, “It’s too late for that!”   Smarty pants.  One of these days he’s gonna ask me to trim the hair in his ears and I’m going to tell everyone about it on my blog. 

Oops, did I just say that out loud?

dogs begging

3.  And speaking of the dogs, well the oldest one is still having issues with keeping the poop outside.  So, we generally put up gates to keep her in the kitchen when we aren’t home.  Did you know that if you walk through the kitchen in your bare feet, you are 96% more likely to step in poop than if you have shoes on?  

Did you know that percentage drastically increases to 99.9% at 2:00 in the morning?  It’s a proven fact.  One that I have spent the last few months researching.  

4.  Bet you didn’t know that I was such a thorough scientist.  A job that I would love to pass on to the husband.  Who is currently still chuckling over the my most recent episode.  

I’m sterilizing my toes as I speak. 

5.  The husband has this new obsession for auction shows and spent the entire evening on Friday night watching a car auction on television.  Yep, I know that I totally have no right to complain as I regularly subject him to reality shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras and Bridezillas.  True quality reality TV!  

6.  Anyway, they are at least more entertaining than the constant hummuna hummuna hummuna that I had to listen to all night long as each car was driven through the auction and the camera guy took lots of close-up shots of interesting things such as hubcaps and engine compartments.  Seriously. And if you were lucky to catch it, every now and then he would open the door so that you could check out the floor mats.


7.  Sounding pretty grouchy aren’t I?  Well, actually I’m not really.  Things are looking up here at chez Suzy  in spite of the fact that my internet access has been derailed twice in the past week.  The wifi went down at Starbucks for a day and my old reliable stone-age brand modem finally rolled over and pinged it’s last ping.  Internet withdrawal set in within minutes.  I was trolling the house all wide-eyed and crazy stepping over dogs and aiming my laptop out the window trying to pick up errant signals.  

So, I bit the bullet and called tech support and was surprised to get amazing service and a brand new sparkly modem in the mail two days later.  And the mailman even left it on my doorstep.  As opposed to leaving it in a bush by the driveway so that I can discover it several months later when I go to trim the bushes. 

fabrics for quilting

8.  And then, I went to the local thrift store over the weekend to see what bargains could be had and I found a clear plastic bag full of fabrics in the junk section.  It didn’t take me long to realize that the store did not know what they had.  A total of 36 fat quarters for $1.31.  Really?   I’m so glad there are apparently no quilters working at the thrift shop.  You bet your butt I scooped up that deal!  So what to make? Hmmmm….

9.  I was accepted as a writer for Technorati!  Now I sit here in fear wondering what the heck I’m going to write about.  When I applied, I was fully prepared to be turned down and when it didn’t happen, it kind of left me at a loss for words.  

10.  The husband says that is entirely impossible.  

11.  So things aren’t so terrible around here and as soon as I get my feet totally sterilized, I’m going to sit down to an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.  I’m telling you nothing beats a good temper tantrum by a four year old in a wig, fake teeth and lipstick.

I’m just saying.

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