Doodle Peacock Frame

Create a fun Doodle Peacock Frame with just a fine sharpy permanent pen and a dollar store wooden frame!  Fun to do and beautiful!  Want to know how?

doodle peacock frame

This week’s project is short and sweet. I had gone out of town last weekend and then began carpooling with the husband this week. So, I had no crafty time (other than a little knitting) this past weekend and getting up at 3:45 AM to carpool makes me go to bed pretty early. My husband says I have a switch in my butt, because the minute I finally sit down to relax in the evening, that switch goes off and I fall instantly asleep. So, I had to redo my crafting schedule to work around the lost time.

After sitting in plenty of meetings throughout the years, my doodling abilities have gotten plenty of practice. So, with that in mind, I decided to create a Doodle Picture Frame.

For this project I used:

One unfinished wood frame
One black fine point permanent ink pen
One small piece of black cardstock
One small piece of beige cardstock
Clear acrylic spray
A bunch of imagination

doodle peacock framedoodle peacock frame

I began by using a pencil to draw my basic ideas onto the frame. I wanted a peacock and a bunch of flowers and maybe some butterflies. When doodling, I tend to go off on tangents, so I just drew in a basic idea.

EDITED: Due to reader request, I added a basic line drawing pdf pattern above.  Use a piece of charcoal and rub across the back of the pattern and trace it onto the frame.  Details are up to you!  That is the fun of doodling!

doodle peacock frame

Then, taking my black ink pen, I began to fill in the details. I used a gel pen, but frankly any pen will do. Black shows up well against the light wood, but blue would probably look pretty cool too.

doodle peacock frame

I just added things as I went, allowing myself to doodle away as I caught up on all my reality TV. By the way, TIVO is pretty darn awesome. I might have been away for the weekend, but I didn’t miss a thing!

doodle peacock framedoodle peacock frame

doodle peacock frame

The doodle finally got to a point where I decided I was done. After some thought, I decided a photo in the frame would make it too busy. (Like it wasn’t already too busy). Ha! So I decided to go with a monogram. I cut a piece of black cardstock to fit the photo section of the frame. Then cut out a “C” Monogram out of the beige cardstock. To give it some depth, I added two small pieces of cardboard to the back of the monogram with a bit of white glue and then glued the monogram onto the black cardstock. And finished with a coat of clear acrylic spray on the monogram and frame.

doodle peacock frame
doodle peacock frame
And there you have it! Short and sweet and actually kinda cool. If you are into doodles, that is.

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