Top 5 Meaningful Gifts for the New Mom

Celebrate the experience of your newborn’s arrival with a gift for the new mom. Celebrity moms have participated in the extravagant and sensational trend of “push gifts“, yet a small and affordable present can be just as meaningful. Below are the top five examples of truly astonishing push presents along with more appropriate counterparts.

1. Jewelry

While celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman were bestowed with jewelry that cost an excess of $100,000, mommies of the real world would enjoy a more toned-down version of these gifts. A small pair of earrings that baby can’t easily get his little fingers around, a beautiful ring with a non-scratchy setting or a short necklace on a sturdy chain all make memorable and practical push gifts. Ones set with new baby’s birthstone will be particularly special.

Personalized Mommy Necklace by Annie Reh

Family is Golden Heart Necklace by Rickson Love Jewellery

Personalized Sterling Silver Mommy Bracelet by Forever Heartprints

2. Handbags

After giving birth to their sons, celebrities Tori Spelling and Kristin Cavallari were both rewarded with expensive handbags. While these may look incredible on your arm, they end up looking slightly less awesome after being covered in spit-up and baby food. A more user-friendly, while still stylish diaper tote is a far more realistic option for moms who would rather spend less money on the bag and more on the things that go in them.

Chevron Diaper Bag by Creating Things

Boutique Baby Diaper Tote by Hanna Belle Boutique

Waterproof Diaper Bag by Ika Bags

3. Furniture

High-end furniture from expensive home and baby stores may provide a luxury feel in your little one’s nursery but they’re not always practical or comfortable for everyday mommy and baby needs. Consider a comfy chair, such as chair recliners, that can do double duty as both a rocker and a recliner. These make feedings and late night crying sessions a far more relaxing experience since mommy can rock the little one to sleep then recline for a much-needed nap herself!

4. Cars

Yep, cars. While some posh websites suggest a luxury vehicle would make a great push gift, the thought of what car seats, baby food and formula would do to that high-quality interior is enough to make one shudder. A better alternative for baby-totin’ moms is a collection of car-themed gifts such as lullaby CDs, car seat toys, rearview baby mirror and snuggly animals that make driving a more relaxing experience for both mommy and baby.

Baby Wooden Cell Phone Teether by 3 Princesses Store

Minky Bunny Rabbit Security Blanket by BBs for Babies

Hanging Car Organizer by Take Me With

5. Spa Packages

While a day at the spa can be a soothing experience under normal conditions, trying to send a new mommy to one can end up being stressful and difficult. Breastfeeding moms are on a time schedule more precise than Yellowstone’s Old Faithful and rushing through a spa treatment definitely takes the relaxation out of the day. A luxurious and quiet mani-pedi combination is a more realistic and time appropriate option that can provide the relaxation without the rush.

Pampering Spa Gift Basket by Cindy’s Suds

 Supreme Bath Gift Set by The Little Soap Store

Though the tradition of giving push gifts to new mommies can be taken to the extreme in celebrity circles, it can also be adapted to provide sweet, thoughtful and memorable presents for new moms in the real world!

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