Origami Bonsai- Create beautiful paper flowers!

If you are at all familiar with the Sitcom, you know I love to craft with paper.  I’ve done everything from creating faux metal wall art with toilet paper tubes to recreating my version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night with thousands of strips of quilling paper.  So, it was just natural to try my hand at origami!  A few weeks ago, I was sent the book Origami Bonsai  by Benjamin Coleman to review.  Just what I needed to go off on a whole new paper crafting tangent!

I love to be able to recommend the best for my readers, and Benjamin’s unique talent of merging two Japanese art forms- origami and bonsai, creates an exciting new form of paper art!  This unique book “kit” will teach you the art step-by-step with simple illustrated tutorials, and even a DVD to help you along!  You can create beautiful delicate paper flowers and leaves and essentially create your own unique paper bonsai!

The book itself comes in kit form and is perfect for holiday giving!  I’m betting my oldest daughter might just get a kick out of this.  She loves miniatures and paper crafting too!

origami bonsai book review

The Origami Bonsai Kit includes:

  • Full-color step-by-step instructions for 8 different mix-and-match flower forms and 4 different types of leaves.
  • Enough custom-designed folding paper (full-color on both sides) to create more than 400 flowers and leaves!
  • A DVD featuring more than three hours of instructional footage by Benjamin Coleman.

I loved the way his book details out the easy steps!  He uses an innovative “glow-fold” method and utilizes color to identify exactly which part of the model to fold in any given step.  This makes it especially easy for beginners like myself who have never really tackled origami before!

Just look at the beautiful flowers you can create!

I love the fact that they look so amazingly real!

Like what you see?  You can purchase this fun book through Amazon- Origami Bonsai Kit: Create Beautiful Botanical Sculptures

It is definitely a unique book, and makes an awesome gift!

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.  But I have to tell you that Amazon is a great place to buy books!

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