9 Easy Christmas Ornament Tutorials- Free Ebook!

In need of more handmade ornament ideas?  Love free ebooks?  Well, I’ve totally got your back!  How about a Homemade Christmas Ornaments FREE eBook with directions for nine different DIY Christmas ornaments?

Homemade Christmas Ornaments 9 Easy Ornament Tutorials / Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

The folks at All Free Holiday Crafts are offering this FREE eBook called Homemade Christmas Ornaments- 9 Tutorials for Easy Ornaments.  Included in the book are my Skiing Penguin Ornaments and my Paintbrush Santa Ornaments, along with seven other great projects!

penguin holiday ornaments on skis

paintbrush santa ornaments

Be sure to download your free copy now!  And check out All Free Holiday Crafts while you are there.

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  • The opportunity to share ideas and help others in the crafting community.They offer many, many craft ideas and eBooks on All Free Holiday Crafts.  And just like their name- everything is free!

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