DIY Ice Ornaments- Fun craft for the kids!

Every now and then a get an email from a Sitcom reader wanting to share one of their craft ideas!  This week, Shari Harris contacted me about her fun DIY Ice Ornaments that she created with her son.  These ornaments are not only a fun craft for the kids, but are a great treat for the birds on a cold winter’s day!  Shari is guest posting on the Sitcom today to share her idea with us!

diy ice ornaments kids crafts

Ice Ornaments – by Shari Harris

First, let me start by saying that I am not a crafty person by nature, so I get really excited when I come up with an idea that is both fun and turns out well. An activity I recently tried with my son was making ice ornaments. Besides one broken ornament, this was a great activity that we both really enjoyed and will be doing again.

diy ice ornaments kids crafts

The materials you need are:

9×13 Inch Pan
Cookie Cutters
Bird Seed
Wax Paper

diy ice ornaments kids crafts

First, line the pan with wax paper. Then, fill the pan with water and arrange the cookie cutters inside of it. I used about two full glasses of water but it doesn’t really matter how much you use. It will depend on how thick you want the ornaments to be.

Next, tie the string in a loop and put one in each cookie cutter with part of it hanging out of the pan so that you can hang them up later. Finally, add the birdseed.

diy ice ornaments kids crafts

When finished, put the pan in the freezer for about 3 or 4 hours. After it is completely frozen, you will need to get the ornaments out of the block of ice.

This was the tricky part. First take the wax paper out as a whole by running water on the bottom side of the pan. After the block of ice is out, if it isn’t too thick, you can try breaking apart some of the outside pieces. For areas that don’t easily break apart, run a bit of water on them being careful not to get too much on the ornaments.

Once they are all out, put them on a plate or tray and stick them back in the freezer for another hour or so.

diy ice ornaments kids crafts

When ready, take them outside and hang them on a tree or fence. Enjoy watching the birds and squirrels eat as the ornaments melt!

Shari Harris

I love this idea!  And her son is so cute!  This is a great craft to keep the kids busy during the long winter days.  Thanks so much to Shari for sharing with us!

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