Faux Stained Glass – Readers Submissions!

Creating faux stained glass using glue and acrylic paint was originally conceived as a kids craft, but it also is a fun project for adults!  Since I put out the original tutorial- Faux Stained Glass with Paint and Glue, I’ve had numerous readers send me photos of their beautiful creations!  Here are just a few!

faux stained glass bird craft

Kathy Haddock – Auraverde Crafts

I’ve been meaning for awhile (like 2 years awhile) to send you a photo of a “stained glass”  I made using your technique.  I designed the pattern myself and used an LP frame I picked up second hand for the frame.  The only problem with this frame is that the inset is plastic not glass so the glue/paint didn’t adhere that well.  This hung in a window that got afternoon sun while we lived in Virginia and that didn’t help it any.  I’ve repaired the bubbles I can using Sharpies on the back (gotta love Sharpies!) and am going to hang this in my dining room picture window.

I’ve made three others as gifts for my sisters and parents, but unfortunately do not have pictures of them.  One was a loon, and the other two were the NH state butterfly and a lady slipper.

faux stained glass peacock craft


Pamela Pare

I decided to try a practice one first on a picture frame that I had that used plastic instead of glass in the frame.  The plastic offered some challenges – harder to clean up the wobbled lines without scratching the plastic, the glue with some of the paints seems to get more mottled than other (though that may have been the glue – I used clear tacky glue – seems to dry fast).  Over all, I do love it and others in my DIY do, too!  Thanks again for your wonderful ideas!

faux stained glass tulip

Submitted by Christine, Activity Leader at Maple Knoll Bodmann, a nursing home in Ohio.  

The home is centered around helping older adults live to their highest potential as individuals by helping them seek independence, good health and personal fulfillment.  Christine taught my Faux Stained Glass technique to a group of seniors at the nursing home.  The projects were completed by 70, 80 and 90 year olds, a few of which are rehab patients that have had surgery or strokes.

faux stained glass dragonfly

Submitted by Ann- Crafting Tales

Your faux stained glass project got me hooked and this was my first try, it won’t be my last. I have tremors and this gives me a chance to do the stained glass look. Thanks for sharing your crafting ingenuity.

faux stained glass turtle doves

I did this one with my Two Turtle Doves pattern!  You can find the free pattern here: Two Turtle Doves Pattern.  Be sure to check my Free Pattern Page for other patterns that might work well with this technique!

faux stained glass peacock

 All these projects were based off of my full tutorial  here:  Faux Stained Glass Peacock project!

I am now offering this Majestic Peacock Pattern or kit and pattern in my on-line store!  Please stop by and check out my collection of kits and eBook patterns!

faux stained glass made from acrylic paint and gluefaux stained glass made from acrylic paint and glue

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